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  1. i hope life exhaust got improvement, because its very slow and suck
  2. Can you explain which skills got improvement?
  3. @aditjiu i have talked 100x times about the advantage always coming to elf side. Yes, every update elf got better better and better. Let's see! Barbar's chop vs damage hamstring like i said what GM did is for make elf mega overpopulated again again and again, they want 100.000 million of elves vs 100 people mountain clan, that's their purpose
  4. Yes, only ranger with high amplified is GOD, never heard rogue with +10 wpn is god, still weak against ranged class.
  5. @Grimoire Yes you are right, so shaman is better than warlock, earthquake of shaman gives extra damage while dark circle is only for stun. How poor! no pure heal or protection skill on warlock, totally can't survive, just facing for death :(
  6. @Snorlax, are you sure that all resistance is only working on mobs? But sometimes i use moon resistance to beat druid or shaman in arena and its working fine.
  7. Yes, i mean for PVP. Warlock and necromancer using dark magic, will be hard to beat elves.
  8. Do you remember that all level 17 labyrinth items have dark resistance? Many high level players using labyrinth items, what happens in future? The big issue that forsaken will be weakest faction, why? Imagine, elves already have 4% of dark resistance, if they using full labyrinth items, so what is your mind? Unfair that items with sun resistance only can be found at level 13 items. So please balance labyrinth items with not only dark resistance but with sun resistance too!
  9. Yes, before that i realized that warlock OP but the reality now after seeing the skills lol its really suck, out of my head. Lets compare again: Mage Buff skill: Yes (sun armor) Escape skill: yes (time warp) Stun skill: yes (illusory chains) Multi dmg: yes (stone shatters) Warlock Buff skill: No Escape skill: No Stun skill: yes (dark circle) Multi dmg: yes (puddle of darkness) Blind skill isn't 100% good for escape because of random moving
  10. lol teleport is easy to use or just click on random place while warlock hard to put dark circle and puddle on right enemy or when enemy running or moving
  11. After comparing with mage, this warlock is worst ever. This is proof the worst of warlock: * manual skills * no evation/protection/buff skill * slow motion in life exhaust skill (worst skill) Of course Mage is 100% better Of course Ranger will kill it just 1 hit shot Look! Rangers have chance to double with same damage while warlock which wearing clothes just have extra 1/4 damage with slow motion, WTF!
  12. The noob class of warlock has two manual skills that very suck when casting failed or not into target. Now look at mage, all auto skills, just by click and click. Why GM always create some unbalanced skills? Look, mage has protection skill and escape skill while warlock doesn't have. I wonder why i never get point of happiness from playing this game? When i play mountain clan, i should face the rich OP ranger with instant kill, but when i play as forsaken, i found mage is 100% best than warlock cuz mage has all AUTO skills, just click n click that never fail to target, hmmmm..... isn't funny, i love this game but i lose the fun playing when seeing some unbalance, again and always again i never heard that GM give a surprise for mountain clan at least make us a smile but never :(. The surprise always come to elfs elfs and elfs, it happened since beginning of game that elfs always got advantage every update. the result now elfs are still overpopulated and GM ignored it and never care :( :(
  13. No @slay, i have tested facing ranger with same level, when i was using life exhaust and ranger using blessing lol i died in 1 sec and there is almost no effect of life exhaust for enemy. And the stupid thing is why the light armor gets SAME damage extra at blessing skill while clothes armor get smaller damage extra? The clothes should get 3x of normal damage cuz they have no def and no evation skill
  14. Warlock has two manual casting skills that hard to do, if casting failed so its bad news.
  15. i have tested life exhaust and spent point to level 4, but i only get heal +35 WTF! No buff skill, no protection skill, warlock fail.
  16. Because ranger still owning the game so far, no class can beat them :(
  17. This skill is very noob skill, even u raise up to level 5, it's running very slow and very small damage output and healing input. Totally can't compare with blessing of ranger. Analysis: ATK: 200 at same level Blessing: 200 dmg + 200 dmg = 400 (double with fast motion) at lv1 Life exhaust: 200 dmg + 50 dmg = 250 (with slow motion) at lv1 with extra heal 25+ Ranger using light armors while warlock using clothes, so it's unfair skill that ranger can still kill warlock just 1 hit with blessing, f**k. Here is my suggestion, As i know about life syfon or health leech, should be like this: 1. Receive heal from enemy atk It means when enemy atk u with 200 damage, so it becomes your heal +200 2. Receive heal from your atk It means when your atk is 200 damage, so u will receive heal same with your atk So with this skill is fair if compared with blessing of ranger. Not fair blessing has same damage output but life exhaust just 1/4 of max dmg. Warlock fail.
  18. After testing skill with life exhaust, lol its very very useless, i raise up to level 4 for this skill, but almost no effect, just wasting my skill points :( and my HP is still reduced, f**k. Tested on atk: 140 Dmg exhaust: 74 Heal leech: 32 Lol its very slow skill and useless for pvp, i thought its gud, damn stupid skill ever for warlock Why blessing of ranger is 100% better than this noob skill? I can't kill ranger at same level :(
  19. im little dissapointed with warlock, no defend skill :( and two manual control skills :bad:
  20. Didn't u know that most of Devs are elfs? Even kuzmitch is ranger, so they wanna make his class is better than human, look! Before update 3.0 Ranger was already OP but now Developers give a great surprise crossbow for ranger, hmmm i thought rogue will get it :(
  21. Go to phone settings --> application manager --> install softwares, select "ALL" then re-instal warspear.
  22. im still learning which skills that useful for arena, this is my prediction, Skill build warlock at lv20: Part 1 "duel master" 1. Dark arrow lv5 2. Fear lv5 3. life exhaust lv5 Part 2 "arena team and war" 1. Dark arrow lv5 2. Dark circle lv5 3. Puddle of darkness lv5
  23. When using fear or blind, u should continue with life exhaust skill, cuz life exhaust is never do effect to be dodge xD, or u should use dark arrow 1st then blind plus life exhaust, put barrier and run back, put dark circle and run back, blind again hahaha...
  24. When u high level, life exhaust skill will be so powerful because it depends on ur dark magic stats, imagine, if u have 250 dark magic atk, so life exhaust will be high too and u get high health from leeching. Fear --> life exhaust --> dark arrow --> put dark circle --> put puddle, this gud tactic xD. It seems that fear skill isnt gud enough for warlock, better raise barrier that can make enemy totally can't move can't attack can't use skill and can't regen, that's great stun ever for warlock xD
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