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  1. Thank you Keyzo, i just wanted to try creating a unique-simple comic with great words, i wish it would make us realizing that with a smile, spirit, love and peace gives a happiness in life. Look! In the snow boundaries, elves and mountain clan enjoying the fun x-mas together, only happen on this season, sure unforgettable.
  2. Welcome Profundo, thank's for visiting my story-comic, i'm the one of poor people that can't buy any mcoin cuz of technical reason, i always try to gatther some gold to buy some mcoin items, instead of my poorness i never try to do kind of scams, fraud trading etc even if someone accidently doing a mistake i will never exploit the situation, furthermore i lovely can help you transfering some items to your another char with my sincerely heart, i'm the old-players with already many friends in-game, i don't wanna lose all of my friends because of fraud efforts. Just call me when i have a free time to help
  3. @saber im coming back to tell the trust.
  4. NO WAY. I ever got reply from support about moving to another server, they said CAN'T. bb
  5. Am i wrong telling the trust? where is my wrong?
  6. Logic fairness: Blessing : 250 dmg + 250 dmg = 500 dmg Life exhaust : 250 dmg + 250 heal = 250 dmg, 250 heal When ranger do blessing like above, so warlock decreasing 500 HP but warlock do life exhaust with 250 dmg and 250 heal. Result: * Warlock recovering 250 HP instead of 500 dmg = receiving 250 dmg from ranger. * Ranger receiving 250 dmg from warlock. Developers should improve life exhaust skill.
  7. i never see the tricky smart priest losing mana till 0. The smart priest managing his mana usage too, the smart priest enjoy long fighting without spamming any skills, just heal + lv5 power word till shaman's energy gone, sure shaman has still full HP and its time to bring shaman to the death. its fact! Go to pvp cave to see the prove! PS: Not all priest has lv5 power word, who maximizing this skill is really bastard, just for fun to beat shaman easily and always sitting like duck waiting shaman coming into pvp cave.
  8. U really not got my point, priest with lv5 power word is noob, its totaly wrong build, useless for PVE, BOSS, team fight, but there is someone maximizing these skill is just for cheating to beat shaman 1v1 and only standing in pvp cave. U got my point? Shaman isn't like necro with high mana regen, in default shamans have very low mana stat.
  9. Yeah, i can say priest with lv5 power word is really bastard, they maximized their power word is just purposed to beat shaman 1v1 and the only can do is just standing in pvp cave, no daily activity or leveling up, seems they bored doing others cuz their skill build is just for pvp.
  10. im not complaining, i just said no shamans can beat lv5 mana drain in 1v1, even that shaman is pro, if the priest using normal skill builds (for PVE & PVP) so its balanced, but priest with lv5 mana drain he will be a weakest priest in PVE, BOSS and team fight. The priest with lv5 mana drain is only can stand in pvp cave to find some shaman with no life no daily activity, nothing to do because that priest is weak for PVE and sure boring cuz mana drain skill is obviously useless to mobs or BOSS since the BOSS has no mana. Maybe the next update, some BOSS and yellow mobs will be able to use some skills or buffs.
  11. Mana drain is only for PVP, priest with maximum mana drain skill is extreamely weak for PVE and BOSS farming because all mobs and BOSS don't have mana or energy to be drainned, but for PVP priest is GOD, especially especially against shaman and druid, both between shaman and druid are OP too but their mana is very low, shaman can still survive with still full HP during fighting with priest but when mana is 0, no time for shaman surviving, at least make priest's energy consumed a lot of mana to use mana drain skill, what a weird lv16 priest can kill shaman lv20
  12. Yes blessing is working as planned, but you must know, before there is amplification system so yes blessing is balance (not very deadly) but when there is amplification system the blessing destroying the game! You must know that! You must know! In 1 hit ranger can deal 2K+ HP of enemy while we only have 2K HP only! Never learn never test! Stupid!
  13. saya heran kenapa GM terlalu goblok dan pernah test ranger blessing level 5. Asu dancok game tai.
  14. i just want blessing same with other skill. Why other class skill getting low extra damage skill? Why Only ranger get big deal damage extra in 1 hit? Noob develeoper! Try to test bleesing ranger with +10 bow and test to kill green mob then compare with stealth combo rogue with +10 sword and test noob life leech warlock with +10 staff, the stupid devs will know and its already too late.
  15. Here i complain about noob life leech if compared with blessing! Very big unfair that life leech can't be instant killer like blessing do! Warlock wearing clothes with no heal no def, why ranger with light armors have instant kill skill? Before update, i was imagining that warlock would have better skill than blessing, but after update WTF! Again again ranger still no.1 killer in game! Please make blessing like DOT Lv1 get 1/4 damage blessing Lv2 get 1/3 dmg blessing Lv3 get 1/2 dmg blessing Lv4 get 3/4 dmg blessing Lv5 get 1 double blessing
  16. even another DOT skills are 100% working but all of that isn't instant killer skill. Blessing damage is too big, especially with high amped. Only ranger can kill me in a sec, i never die in a sec by rich melee even with rich druid, duck ranger destroying the game!
  17. Snorlax, pls change your mind, blessing can kill player in a sec, and you never look at this! Only blessing can do that, while other class skill can't do like blessing that can be instant kill. Your saying about whats wrong with blessing it makes me wanna say that you are so stupid and never test to face ranger in game!!
  18. BTW kuzmitch is ranger, so kuzmitch will ignore and let it be unbalance forever :(
  19. Dear Devs, You must read this topic and take the point. The blessing is too fast for killing, you should do something to make blessing isn't like killing machine. Pls look! No class can do damage 325 325 650! 650! In 1 sec, why only ranger???????
  20. and the sadness thing is Mc always crying in trade chat about Mc can't farm/hunt BG cuz huge of elves and Developers never listen :(
  21. lol full elves, hmmm... Huge elves in BG they even don't have space boss to hunt while Mc with just few people is only can watch elves hunting and died. :(
  22. and dev never listen about elf always hunting BG, while Mc never have a chance to hunt BG. This is stupid unbalance.
  23. this forum is huge of elf players, so they are scared if blassing to be nerfed, i heard in trade chat in game, many elfs proud to be ranger and always camping and killing players in 1 shot blessing.
  24. Only God hearing my heart. I dont care everyone saying what, i just said from reality
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