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  1. what a stupid topic. maybe too many elfs rape u and u can't do nothing than make this idiot thread. its they right to make any char and faction. if u strong player u will not make stupid thread like this. get strong and hut up.
  2. good idea. why not many player suport this idea? its brilliant idea i think
  3. i need help kill boss, and i saw them standing in town on island 1. and you konw what??? they asking me gold :shok: they high level..im just level 7 for god shake :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: i think high lvl is already know that newbie like me dont have many gold.....my gold is only 760 :facepalm: and he call me "idiot"....do i did something wrong?? :facepalm: :facepalm:
  4. postaldude

    Hi all :)

    welcome.. :drinks:
  5. the coolest name i ever see on warspear: m.c : chronoz, helloween, afro, garuza, megadead, hitmen, vox, whitedove, dragneil. elf : legionn, darklord, wolfdragon, scout, twisted. i forget the other.
  6. i dont know who is strong, but i know good player ;D bluedrago on m.c and darklord on elf. they help newbie anytime anywhere. too bad i never saw them again. or they play other char?
  7. send email to support dude, and dont forget give detail proof thats u have been hack
  8. kid's thread. what a dumb dumb from a dumb ego :crazy: dumb ass
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