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  1. can i ask u , which one is better ? Block+parry or crits? and how much crits do u suggest for lvl 28 pala/ ty
  2. Oblada

    Hunter vs Ranger

    Ranger more dmg, Hunter more stun In this game if u have more stun skills your dmg low, vice versa. (barb not included xD) So if u didnt like ranger cs u compare with hunters control skill. Why dont u just play or make hunter,, Easy.
  3. Ty for ur answer bro....High parry with resistance seems good since pala has 3 stun skills, just imagine 2 palas going arena.. the last thing that still make me curious is what is ur skill distribution now? I guess u full pvp pdmg skill build yea? And what the hardest comb to defeat in 2v2 arena in ur opinion?
  4. Could you tell me ur pvp build pddmg gladiator? Just curious
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