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  1. it must be do action now..
  2. yeah banned him... my friend doesnt care anymore about his DK
  3. Samuelx he sell..trade.. His account but its againts the rules he also selling his -wallysonxx -patheticc FYI my friend cicakbiru is now belongs to him because he scam it! And Now my friend making new account.. What would be the punishment of him?
  4. players will have the opportunity to receive high-level gear of 13-18 levels as a quest reward, not killing bosses in the group in the vast of Irselnort. . . Means the quest reward we get in quest in norlant marsh is same in ilsernort its green item too with 2enchant only example the quest reward of killing g.g and genie (yellow quest)we get weapon color green so the best weapon is still the lab. Weapon
  5. kung my minura ako na friend mu geh nga post mu ung name nila...
  6. nagmamalinis..Maangmaangan... Halata naman ind ako ng.tagalog, pero alam mung pilipino ako utak gamitn please wag pwet
  7. eh putang ina ka palang tamolmol ka eh gawa ka ng gawa at nambibintang pa mali naman pala may galit ka lang sakin naka gawa k agad :D == Ur duck tamolmol ur just making funny thread to make evry one ignore me even ive not doing scam maybe u did that
  8. see u cant post ur username in game.. Maybe u just angry on me and u just making a story ur a lier man delete this thread ur making me famous!
  9. name your elf char. So i remember u ... Even i dont do scam beside ive been scamm by other player 10k and 2set
  10. wow i am bonybrz when that happen . This pass day i merely used my bd coz i raise my mage when i scam u , and i dont know u lol
  11. Admin's If u cant add more slots on bag space then make another way or idea... The quantity of 1slot if quest item or potion is 10pcs. Then add its quantity make it 20pcs a slot or 99pcs so everybody happy so we can do dailies easily..
  12. doesnt support eh :bad: i play always music on my music player on my symbian :bad:
  13. Just want to say Admin why ws v3.0.3 in my E75 dont have BGM ,background music it only have sound effect please put it
  14. is it right in the near future there will be a 2nd job skill in each class?
  15. why high chance drop on boss farm fix ?
  16. why i always get "Slow Internet Connection" Ingame? My net speed is normal! Whats wrong with the server?
  17. kuzmitch say they fix it tommorow.. Its good if they say They fix it nxt week .. I hate Lier Lier go to Hell
  18. Im thinking Why bug "Data Caching" appear even admin's Already try the game and get the screen shot ? Are they do it in porpose?
  19. LOL .. CRAZY dont post your Warspear_Systemlog.txt They see You Account ID .
  20. Admin , i just want to ask if the update that coming any hour from now Will have an System maintenance again like 5hour waiting?
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