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  1. I am not so new and not so old player of this game have like 3 characters so far. Today I came across this rule of eula which states that " a player cannot have more than two accounts/game ids " I didn't knew about it until today, I have 3 characters but on my 3 different accounts which i made longtime ago without knowing the rule. I know i had violated the rules of eula and i apologize for knowing it this lately. The question which is bothering me now is will I get banned ? Or is there anything I can do ? Pls help.
  2. i think hes trying to say what is the necessity of closing there topics as by closing them they wont be able to have any further discussions/opinions of/with the other players. Which can be a abit annoying and i agree with venki.
  3. true , also crimson camisole idk if i spelled it right.
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