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  1. No I don’t work for them and no it’s not hard to judge. It’s easy I’m doing it right now. Whatever obstacles there might be they can be overcome by being prepared just like all the other games. Game lasting for so long is not a testament of how happy or unhappy the community is. Your points are all based on emotion and not logic but nice try defending them I was waiting for the aigreed defense police to come out of the woodwork
  2. Expecting them to actually run a game properly and to properly plan AHEAD OF TIME rather than getting caught with their pants down is NOT a god or demi god expectation. It’s NOT a lot to ask. It’s literally their job and they fail miserably at it.
  3. I agree 100% they are so unprepared and it’s hilarious that they try to blame it on the AppStore. It’s you Aigreed, not anyone else’s fault. This lack of professionalism on your behalf is the last nail on the coffin of this dying game. Just look at the AppStore reviews for the game almost all 1 star. Unhappy community of players leaving in numbers.
  4. I do 10-20 runs daily for the last 5 days and no good drop. "Bad luck" always? Yes yes always bad luck with this game..me and everyone else Lol!!! No more seekers in my bag and there's no way I'm buying mcoins for seeker with this drop rate. Bye bye guys peace and love!!
  5. With the drop rate so low players play for HOURS and only get enhancement spheres.
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