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  1. Characterbuilder?

    Is it possible to get this belt?
  2. Characterbuilder?

    Yes. Thank you
  3. Characterbuilder?

    I have seen here somewhere a russian website with char builder, Anyone have a link?
  4. Imbalanced Characters.

    It's amount of total downloads. Not active players. Just like me downloaded maybe 10k apps but using active only 10 of them
  5. Warden or Blade Dancer

    I give paladin a shot Simple choice of skills to level. Hybrid dps/tank/healer/support
  6. Warden or Blade Dancer

    What about paladin?
  7. Warden or Blade Dancer

    I wanna make a tank that is also viable in pvp. Is warden suitable for that? Or do people tank with blade dancer yet or it has become pure dps class?