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  1. Xnavinx


    I did mine using pixel art Dont forget to like it the name is Stromshado
  2. Xnavinx


    Daria please let me know if my costume is ok
  3. Xnavinx


    Awesome !! I hope this one is selected.
  4. This is the first time I am participating in costume contest and this is dedicated to my first character Stromshado and my old friends back in 2009. The Warrior Stromshado Stromshado was known as one of the bravest warrior in entire Godgorrath and Irselnort, He began his training in martial arts and yoga at very young as his only intention was to be strongest in the entire Arinar, He skillfully mastered in Double hand, Single hand, Shield and he was also very well trained with healing so he could also heal himself. In spite being a Mountain Clan Stromshado surely had elf friends as both had equally trusted each other. His fighting skills were so good he even defeated other bravest warrior in 4vs1 in arena where he alone defeated whoever challenged Stromshado. Even the mightiest enemies like Six Shadow, Hydra, Satraps feared him. Where did he go? It’s still a mystery where the brave warrior vanished. Some believe he lives on the highest peak mountain of Irselnort some believe he was consumed by the dark power of Kronos , When the entire Irselnort was attacked by Kronos army and Kronos along with Hydra, Stromshado fought along side with few of first finest few bravest oldest warriors of Mountain Clan and Elfs. The war was won by banishing Kronos back where he came from but with huge cost entire warriors of Mountain Clan and Elf disappeared over night along with Stromshado who was leading the battle. There is a prophecy written that the Stromshado will return with his friends who sacrificed their life for Irselnort, And fight alongside with the new warriors of Arinar. I hope you like it and most importantly I win the contest and yes its me Xnavinx lvl 22 Hunter who soon will be lvl 23 who wants to be lvl 28 and yes I am from US-Sapphire.
  5. Xnavinx

    Red Lord

    which software you used to draw?
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    Gold guide!

    Can you please give me link to 100K money guide?