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  1. Barbarian Barbarian’s “Charge” now can be started from 2 yards distance and has a bigger chance to stun an enemy. This was said some months ago and I just wondered
  2. I just know that warlocks can hit on this tempress with this blue circle skill
  3. Killed Black Jack :dirol: but nobody get drop :lol:
  4. like the repair scroll system: you can repair with bought repair scrolls or with mcoins ;)
  5. it should do some dmg or while the opponent is stunned increased dmg ;)
  6. Hope that the new quests are just kill quests ;D I hate collecting :diablo:
  7. wow :shok: very big war :shok: but i wasnt online that day :'( :cray:
  8. I never get drop from torturer and u get 2 in 1 :diablo: UNFAIR :diablo:
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