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  1. But Rapeme got his chars back one week after someone deleted them.
  2. I see you're back to capslock again, thanks bro, I missed that very much ;D For some reasons I had been very depressed in real life. But when I saw your video I had a good laugh first in many days. Umix, pls don't stop posting on this thread ;)
  3. Do you mean that you are including other features besides new faction, new islands and new weapons? Please kindly just say yes or no :)
  4. How did this happen? :( Pls write a ticket to support, you'll get your account back :)
  5. I regret that if I 'introduced' you to forums :facepalm: I knew you for like three days a few months ago. I was glad when you came back. But then I saw how you are. You kept badgering me to help you in quests in first island when I was in second island. You even offered me gold to 'escort' you to every quest till you are lvl 10. Ever wondered why I refused that? And why I didn't say anything when you sent me several pm asking for the name of my mc char? You. Are. An. Overbearing. Person. I'm sorry to say that.
  6. This thread is getting better and better :lol: When I first saw that video I thought I wouldn't comment. But now the temptation is too much. That video is sooooo comic ;D That wasnt even proper trolling :wacko: The thing that made me laugh was Umix looking so stupid ;D ;D ;D I'm waiting to see what he says to me now :lol:
  7. Omg, that's.................... :bad:
  8. Will someone pls say in detail what did sonofman do? I'm very curious.
  9. Guys, I know Erikalt is racist. But why saffo, xspiritx and sonofman in the hit list? I'm very curious to know :)
  10. Tess

    Future of bd

    That was a very nice reply, slay :) I'm already starting to see what you said about friends.
  11. I'm lucky it went down after we killed maraksha. And I wont have to worry about being in a safe spot becuz just before server shut up I respawned in dinalt town becuz a noob questor landed low heal on me when tanking maraksha :facepalm:
  12. FB- sorsha at kamp riff ;D 09.06.12
  13. Tess

    PVP Cave

    No, bats are nice decoration ;D
  14. FB- ask raynos in field of bloody heather. 08.06.12
  15. Tess

    Abusive Chat :(

    Aww, that's so sad :lol:
  16. :( Adding seller's name would be very convenient.
  17. Tess

    Abusive Chat :(

  18. Tess

    Abusive Chat :(

    Why is he harrassing you? Nobody would harass someone without a reason.
  19. 30k. But if that bow is high amped then it may cost more.
  20. U mean priest gonna be better in farming than druid? :( What's the point of playing this game now if all the new classes in update will be better than the classes we have right now?
  21. U want more crit for ranger? Kid, go play another game :facepalm:
  22. Yes, but talking some sense into their brain and making new deal will be much faster. Of course, waiting days to get a good offer in market is also another option :)
  23. Maybe they shud take down servers for once a while everyday. Otherwise it seems not many ppl will visit forum like now ;D
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