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  1. But as developer said, they dont. Chineses have same price as most country, probably appstore price glitched or they do something else. Not all chineses use this, its already known only few guys sell mcoin this way to some of the guilds mentioned before
  2. Not all chineses knew about this method. Using PC they have normal price as us. You can see on their forum and topics like this one https://www.taptap.com/topic/576716 that many bought full normal price and others used russian price You are right, but it doesnt justifies the fact that some people made a guild TOP in short time while leeching from chinese fraud. Btw, may i ask if you are in Berserk guild? cheers
  3. There wont be consequences/ban to the people that abused this? For example on EU Berserk guild has 2 chineses that sell mcoin with this method to members, they easily got full +10 as well. I can provide you screenshots on pm if you need them. Years ago when a guy hacked gold on US server i remember you guys took away all gold gave away to random people. Yup, for example Hassn always buy full price of normal mcoin and he felt pissed/scammed when found out few days ago how cheap people made guilds as strong as the one he owns. He has many business and travels
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