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  1. I deleted all daily qsts in all islands...and now i check every island i got spirit of gray hallows and several marakosh qsts in avoyndil and no other qsts at all not even norlant qsts
  2. I dont know its a bug or what but why the hell i dont have any norlant quests in my priest lvl 26 ?? I hav got norlant qsts on my bd lvl 26 but why not in my priest ??
  3. wtf just happened ?? frst got dc while doing satraps now eu unavailable ??
  4. and one more thing...the most dmg should get get the drop and achievement...not the last hitter...it will only make more stealer and disturber.
  5. there is a bug with "sweet dreams" quest in horror...when the mirrors atk it becomes "in combat" and can not take qst item.
  6. so next two camps on the right of maliat on avoyndil are pilion and azure shallow which will come in future ?? with lvl cap 28 and 30 ?
  7. wtf going on ???? game realm unavailable in the middle of dg duck....
  8. He is saying that, name of players in a location should be auto-refreshed.
  9. is the update done ?? i mean can i get the new version for download ??
  10. So u r saying priest skill working properly...but its not....when my hp was not full i used that skill on myself near a crossing to test its healing actually or just showing...but when i cross its shows less hp but more than initial hp...which means it restored hp actually but not that amount it showed....so the actual heal is less than the showing heal...which declines there must be a bug....if u dont believe try it urself with lvl 4 redemption skill...i tried it with lvl 1 skill....my showing heal was 311....and actual heal was less than that....
  11. Exactly...they should test the skills properly before adding them into the game...
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