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  1. About the healer of the event ... HE IS NOT HEALING ANYTHING, so far I have used it just to make a conquest !!!
  2. Yes ... the problem is that it happened only once the constant event since the release of the update ... this is a big problem
  3. Servidor BR-turmalina não ocorre o evento dinâmico !!! Corrijam isso rápido por favor...
  4. BR-tourmaline server does not occur the dynamic event !!! Correct this fast please ...
  5. Could you guys have a look at this video.. this is the new power of death knight.. bug or nerf? lol
  6. Booking is bugged or was it even nerfed? I have 207 regen. and I'm only recovering 506 + - ... See if you can get a look at the performance of this power ...
  7. Caçador A bênção das montanhas: Diminui todo o dano recebido ao personagem e aumenta seu parâmetro “Evasão” por um período de tempo. No skill dmg
  8. Ok, let's start by talking about "How to make this dungeon" type it is impossible and can not do it in 1 stam ... For those who have a castle this dungeon is not very good. Let's see the parts that is bad in this dungeon = Damage of the monsters very HIGH, has 2 portals that open ... and only only gives the whole dungeon (At least 2 of the party dies) to make the portal where one has the satolin-like mob; the satraps focus on the tank and the supports heal the tank the satraps will focus on the supports and can not make them stop focusing!; In the portal where you have a mob that looks like th
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