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  1. yep...I wait until I slept and wake up to find its still connecting... *z* still like that...
  2. yeah I know that..I'm working my shaman way to be a good healer, and when it's done, I'm the one who will help u do that.
  3. u just on for several sec, and off for a day lol...beside, u need a great shaman partner like u to help ppl :D
  4. I'm using ranger lvl12 and done a quest then the reward was to choose between a Lvl10 mace or shield!! wtf that sh*t I have to do with it? its sooooooooo useless item for a ranger!!!!! just a couple gold on sell!!
  5. become lagger... CC item more expensive
  6. plus.. sometime my chars does not show on load char screen :( which meaning cant load that game!
  7. aftet game restart, u should be able to.play load char
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