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  1. the amolification system is fine for armos, for weapons? Not


    Players averaging around $300 to amp a staff or xbow from +0 to +10 is ridiculous (lvl 21+)


    I have made 2 staffs now, one costing me 400usd, another ~350usd. Nlt only me, i can name a few players on sapphire_us


    Im only bringing this up now due to the update apparently introducing new and improved weapons.


    My only reaction to that: get fukd


    Signs need to me more accessible since the amp % is stupid low


    Devs seriously cant act like we older players havent noticed. Official Announcement or not, i have noticed.

  2. 2 points



    He admitted himself that he has no pvp skills, not right equipment for it too lol


    or at least at his bd erakless


    This topic does not marginalize towards PvP only, i have had the pleasure of running dungeons with balzo and he is quite superb. 'No pvp skills', when did he say that last? He has been learning as of late, he is doing well too imo.


    Balzo randomly came in when he amped to +10. Eversince, people call him pro. Because +10.

    You have a habit of targetting players whom chose to spend their money on an online game, you do it often on forum; when in fact you would do it yourself if you had a stable income, and were of age to do so.

  3. Don't listen to anyone here. It is indeed a bug that developers have been ignoring since the existence of this game, it makes your game client display your character at the wrong position.

    This bug is also caused when you have less than a perfect internet connection.


    Warspear game client never "fully" updates your screen, it only keeps tracks of some information like object A moved from place X to Y and then from place Y to Z. But if you have laged while this object A was moving from place Y to Z, it will NEVER display it's correct location again, unless you leave map and come back or you disconnect and connect again. That's why the more time you stay on the same map, higher the odds of some absurdities happening like hamstring connecting from 5 yards+ away.


    There is a WORKAROUND to make the game display at least your own position at the right place. This workaround consists of moving 1 tile to any direction and then move back to where you were. On your screen it will show your character moving just 2 tiles and stay on the same spot but others will see you moving from whenever your real position was to the place you are right now.

    I have already brought this up with devs years ago.

    They cant change the games connection between server and player to realtime. Why? = we players use more data, we would experience lagging, players would seem to be teleporting as some of our internet connections would be too slow.


    Besides, its a mobile game, not a high end mmorpg

  4. Each week, a tournament starts, similar to war


    The game announces that the 2v2, 3v3, 5x5 tournament begins soon.


    Players whom wish to join have 5minutes to create their team.


    When created, the party leader is to select an npc depending on how many other players in the team, if 1, then 2v2, 2, then 3, and 4, the 5v5 (similar to going into dungeon)


    The leader and members are teleported into a map with all other participants of the respective category.


    Once inside, the system notifies the party leaders demand. They are then putinto match-making.


    Each match lasts for a maximum of for 3 minutes.

    if it is a draw then a random winner is chosen. Unless if one team has a player dead.


    The losing team is teleported back to ash coast.


    The winning team is teleported back to the special map.


    This is done until there are teams in each category left.


    When one of the four loses, they are teleported back to ash coast and each player in the party receives a casket containing rewards outlined below.



    When one of te three remaining teams is eliminated, the game will say: "2v2 level ___ Team _____ has come 3rd!"



    Where team = paarty leader.



    4th rank prize; arena conquerors rune set

    3rd rank prize; arena conquerors rune set, 400 arena points

    2nd rank rize; arena conqueros rune set, 600 arena points, 3 gladiator elixirs

    1st rank prize; arena conquerors rune set, 1000 arena points, 5 gladiator elixirs, 5 surprise chests

  5. I remember spending $300 trying to amp my lv9 cbow from +9 to +10.

    needless to say, I spent that night crying myself to sleep thinking of all the coffee, games, and clothes I could have bought with that.

    Lmao, i feel you

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