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  1. gagg bsa login gan.. Semenjak maintenace kemarin. Kalo gag sever lost. Nunggu conecting... Lamma amatt! gag nyadar ampe ketiduran w , zzz..... Da yg nglamin jg?
  2. Kuzmitch, when server will return normally....? Zzzz..... Im bored waiting login.. :D
  3. yahh , but connection to server is very long.Im waiting for login, until I fell asleep. :D k....
  4. whats wrong with maintenance server yesterday? After the last maintenace, I often have trouble logging game. hard to login in game "conection with server lost"
  5. yup im finish berengar tractate today, but i have quest relic today whre relic location?
  6. I know the point of crossfit and I also feel like it, but the game will cost to buy a server and I assume that if the money can be used for server and development costs, but I agree with you if warspear too much to get money from this game so this game like it belongs to the rich :D hehe
  7. jahhh gaya luu dong, mak lampir kemana...? :D gagagag Dong you are the king Alay :D haha, Garandong is king alay from indonesia... :D LoLL......
  8. Hari ini susah amat login warspear gan, da ngalamin jg gag? Server lost terus..... ui.. Beuhh
  9. Im player indonesia in US-Saphere , Im see many player indonesia in this server, and my friends play in server EU also says to me , many player indonesia in server EU .. hmm, why 'Team Warspear Devlopers' not create server for Indonesia? I Hopefully Team Warspear Create server for Indonesia players ---- i will pm admin to my suggest :D
  10. Hii,, team Warspear.. We (indonesia players) have suggestion for warspear team.. Please create server for indonesia because many Indonesia players in warspear. thanks...
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