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  1. U forget shaman and barb again! All class become stronger but not me. Ty!
  2. Please tell me what can i do with a bow on my barb char?? Im happy to get a weapon drop....but why a BOW:'(
  3. Ok, guys! Thats right. Thx to help:)
  4. I see...thx. And i heard if i have full berengar's armour, it should be given +skills like critical hit. Is it true?
  5. Hy, everyone! I dont really know the rules of armour set bonus. I have 3 item, (helmet,armour,boots)and the first of set bonuses is not in red, but the 397 physical resistance at boots is not counted for me. :cray: Why? Is it normal?
  6. Hy! Please help me! I'm on level 8 in Godgorract, Isle of Mountain Clan. Since my 6th level i have not just blue quest! What can i do? And why is my reputation -5000??? Is this normal?
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