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  1. Haha, mga kalbo? Natawa ako dun ah, dont worry, wala pong kalbo dito sa emerald na pilipino hahaha
  2. Hahaha, eksakto :facepalm: Kaya bihira ako mag online ngayon, hindi sa naiwas ako, wala na din kasi ako maibibigay XD
  3. They dont look like hornig and sulla XD
  4. I found out whats the karma thingy just few seconds ago :D Yeah, my ranger lost once, and thats the day my bd nailed u, my random pt is somewhat chicken bd, but ranger with high amp bow losing to a poor bd is enough to shame you :facepalm: I dont mind accepting a pvp from you, lets say 50 fights, but dont expect me to go with a random partner. rofl
  5. Hornig, its a promo called "buy one take one", buy the belt and you will get the seller free :D BTW, Im selling this..
  6. His "high amp bow" damaged me 1400, His bunny damaged me 600, im still alive :facepalm:
  7. si whipper at boss pana asensado na, masipag kasi maghunt XD
  8. lalo na kong tinamad sa paglalaro, ilang araw lang ako tumigil >.
  9. hornig :rofl: 2nd pic for eisha, 3rd for snorlaxx, 1st pic for me? :diablo:
  10. Buying Lvl 13 Old enchanted Druid, BD and Ranger Items, Pm me in Game, Shutdown or Xenophon of EU-Emerald Firstborn.
  11. Its really hard to differentiate 1 person, btw dont hate me coz i saw you in trade chat, next time say it in pm if you dont want others to see it :rofl:
  12. Haha, di naman ate nen, si whipper at boss pana na malakas ngayon, asensado haha.. Gusto ko hunt chief para mkakuha ng weapons natin, kaso bihira lang ako makakita ng matinong party.. Puro disturber na uso ngayon. XD
  13. Im reading forum now these days and i only see Breakout vs Sulla, look what i just saw today in trade chat.. :rofl:
  14. Tsaka sino pala gusto itry maghunt sa chief, 2pt lang po, pakipm nalang ako, wala na talaga ako magawa sa warspear, nakakatakbo na ko papuntang chief XD
  15. Aksidente? Ano nangyari boss, binanatan ka ng mga MC? XD
  16. ate nen, si boss kerv taga update ng list, account ko lang tagasulat sa forum ;D
  17. We dont, cause many rich ppl easily lose in 1v1 in pvp cave against skilled players, but you cant hide the fact that rich players are strong but not skilled, and btw, in elves, only few use crossing, most are druids, and you cant call it pvp. :) Also, BDs are great in 1v1 pvp XD Epic, Sulla handle evil elves in EU even rich ones, no exception.. XD
  18. Now i understand why he was standing beside the statue of our caravans for few hours.. He hates bathing in his own blood. :) I wonder what happened to his +9 Bow he's bragging.. No string? XD
  19. Nilock na ng MOD yung thread ko sa support, guilty ata.. :facepalm:
  20. Wala na silang masabi kundi tanga ako dahil nagtiwala ako at hindi nila ibaban si sonofman, ngayon pa ko nascam kung kailan naghihirap ako, nakakainis.
  21. To sum it up, youre all saying its my fault that i lost my rings and sonofman will get away with it unpunished? I understand now why scammers are still scamming around. What a sense of justice, controlled in a monetary fashion.
  22. Sorry about your thread Cheza, i really thought WOG has standards in recruiting members. Goodluck :)
  23. I wil not report again and will not bother to take proofs if i will be scammed again, i hate the reality that im not rich to prove my point, and i wrote this message so everybody can understand what im saying. Ako na tumulong ako pa lumabas na masama, boss gwapito ayoko na tumulong sa mga bago XD
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