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  1. I wonder why Spanish making Story. :shout: :lol:
  2. hahah. dont lie, I got the Video with whole convo. 8) :dirol: 8) :dirol:
  3. hahah. ur twising ur own words. this what you told me. " you also backstab sulla. " hahaha. :pleasantry:
  4. Im here just to ask. Sulla, did I backstab you? as what Spanish told that I backstab you. I wanna hear from you. :good:
  5. lol what for? we all good here. :drinks:
  6. yeah I know ur Versatile. I still remember you gangbang me with ur rouge and ur friendS. no worries, Ill kill you if I see you and ur Barb. ;D
  7. no worries. we all good. :friends:
  8. please, to new member of FoF, dont make Drama on our clan. no offence Brothers and Sisters. with respect, from all WoG. :drinks:
  9. this aint page for making drama. and to you blacklord, some Ex fof member come by they self. dont make fool comment if you dont know whats happening. no offence.
  10. will do slay, hope to see you in game like what you used to. :drinks:
  11. how i wish tayuya get back his the best one well, im holding he's account now. he's busy with works. soon enough, he'll be back. 8)
  12. for infomation, if you guys see Knoxville on. its not me, friend of mine playing it. be nice with HER. :lol:
  13. hahaha. nice one~ :spiteful: come back in game Boss Sokpot. 8)
  14. tho, Wog and FoF are family. all the best to you all. :drinks:
  15. for information, WoG didnt recruit FoF people, those people who you talk about. come by them self. 8)
  16. happy birthday sooook :aggressive: hahaha. :give_rose:
  17. to be truth. :sorry: it it it it it...... was me me me me who took the mcoin from mend. SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray:
  18. yo yo yo ... lets sing a song. how about bob marley - buffalo soldier? hahaha. arent we all friends? why fighting? chill brothers and sisters. have a drink. :drinks: cheers ♥♥♥♥♥. 8)
  19. Ill be playing later next 8 hours starting now. will see tho, if things allow me. :drinks: hahah.
  20. I was in Koma in 2 days. had massive crush on road last week. now, Im all good. gonna need a rest all day. :sorry: Ill see you guys soon enough when Im completely recover. miss you guys. and ofcoz, Hi pinoy. 8) Hi every friends of mine, and strangers
  21. connection here is suck. I could not play with this such a lag. Ill be back playing whole day soon. :drinks:
  22. yeah the gama boring now. Im on cod MW3 now, more extreme. 8)
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