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  1. Support >:D glad I can't access the website buy coins page :facepalm:
  2. Kuz, I have attempted many times to download the apk from that link. It just sits there and does nothing. It won't download at all. I also cannot access the home page of this site where you can buy mcoins and all of that. There must be an issue with the site because I have no issues going to any other place and downloading apk files or accessing any sites. Can you please look into this. Also if you are putting a new version in google play is there an estimated time that it will arrive?
  3. I have same exact issue bloody, people say to download the apk but for some reason I ca n't direct download it here. I can get to the title screen of the game which takes forever and then when I finally try and log on it data caches forever then says cache error.
  4. I downloaded the game using google play and I try and go into it and just get a blank black screen. I'm using a mytouch 4g slide on android version 2.3. Devs can you please provide us some answers? I know a few others with same issue. We can't even get to the title screen.
  5. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=67794.525 Read
  6. I was gonna make a topic like this. I would love new costumes. Here's a list of ideas that I hope devs take into consideration. Ninja outfit Samurai Kimono(as mentioned by prettypinay Troll costume no troll face, I love the outfit, hate the troll face I would buy a few of these for all chars. Please give us some cool looking costumes. Also change some of the gear looks, why rogue in all bright colors and the gear is ugly? It makes no sense. I never seen an mmo with a rogue that shines...
  7. :facepalm: dit·to /ˈditō/ 1. Used in accounts and lists to indicate that an item is repeated (often indicated by ditto marks under the word or figure to be repeated). 2.Used to indicate that something already said is applicable a second time.
  8. :facepalm: I have made 2 threads about this in support Snorlax. I'm using a Mytouch 4g slide. My keyboard on touchscreen doesn't open what so ever. It defaults my phones physical keyboard and you guys removed the option to change between keyboard types in your settings.
  9. Thank god for apps2sd. Anyways, its about time. I was beginning to think that it was never coming.. :wacko: Any chance Snorlax that you could tell me if I'm ever gonna be able to use a touchscreen keyboard again? :facepalm:
  10. How about the troll costume without the troll face? I really like the outfit but am not fond of the troll face itself.
  11. :facepalm: she said people ACCUSING HER of stealing their account. Not that she got hers stolen. By the way when's 3.0? :unknw:
  12. Lol damn I leave for a couple hours and your still here? Please dude you don't hurt or scare me. I got other shit to do besides sit on forums all day long like you :lol: I gotta catch up on reading but got work in the morning, so ill leave you with your chances to insult me for awhile like anything you actually say proves anything :facepalm: you got about 14 hours, make sure you come up with something good :yahoo: google some new materials besides "your old get a life" so I can laugh. Night night lil guy :rofl:
  13. Lol if you truly believe that my real life friends are going to care whether or not I argue with some dumb kid over a game or not is gonna matter you truly need to re-evaluate what a video game and the internet is. First of all I don't need to take this to facebook, your not important enough to be let into my real life, second off your opinion doesn't matter. Its funny getting a rise out of you because you just say the same recycled lines pertaining to "your old, get a life" but the thing is.. your doing the same thing, maybe you should get a life? :unknw: obviously you care otherwise you wouldn't even be answering me back. About 6 pages ago you said you were gonna finish this topic and said I was wrong blah blah you get the point(hopefully, its getting old explaining to you) so I'm waiting for you to finish it ;D anytime your ready ;)
  14. Because it felt like you were seeking attention because you obviously don't get enough of it. Figured I would do you a favor since you seem to be begging for it anyways. I also notice that without your irracial slurs you have nothing to say, all your responses without them are "your old, get a life" :lol:
  15. :facepalm: See you miss my point yet again. Here ill spell it out for you since your too stupid to comprehend..... This is internet.... Age doesn't matter here... You can say your anything but it still doesn't prove a thing because I don't know you and you don't know me... I put it in simplest terms I could think of. Do you comprehend yet?
  16. Maybe a teacher might get in some type of trouble but in the real world a person who is not in no position of power over someone can't nobody do a god damn thing about it. You truly can't cope with the true facts of life. The world is cruel and don't no one give a shit whether your a minor or not in the real world unless you were assaulted. Unfortunately for you verbal abuse won't mean shit. Time to face the facts lil homie but that's real talk
  17. See? You prove every point I make. You truly have nothing to say. I don't see where age matters. Welcome to the internet. Maybe your really 40 years old expressing your inner child :unknw: ill come and do whatever on your PUBLIC topic I want, if you don't like it... Well that's too bad you can't stop me or anyone else from doing so.
  18. Lol I got a job, a kid and everything I need in life. You on the other hand are just growing up or should I say lacking there of. You can make any kind of pathetic lie you want on the internet to try and make yourself sound superior to someone. Here ill show you.. really I'm a secret agent for the C.I.A monitoring the social aspect of dumb teenagers who think that e-thugging and talking shit on the internet is going to make them feel better about theirself because they are unable to cope with their real person and start anything in the modern world thus resorts to using their "real life" as a form of retaliation to anything someone says because they can't come up with anything that actually pertains to the situation on the internet they got themselves in.... Do you believe me? Either way this is what comes to mind when I think of you ;D
  19. I did already confront her and talk to her but I'm not talking about moon, I'm talkin about eishas picture of you calling her a dumb filipina hoe and her not even responding to you negatively and yet you want to draw straws and come here and be a hypocrite. So yes your right, I did waste 3 minutes of my life because your too stupid to read and comprehend what I said, for once you were right 8)
  20. Obviously you do care otherwise you wouldn't even be acknowledging what I'm saying.
  21. This ill disregard, you have no understanding of why she is posting here anyways. SHE'S FILIPINA AND YOUR THROWING RACIAL SLURS AT HER AND HER RACE. Ok I lied I won't disregard it. You obviously need things to be highlighted for you to understand with that tiny brain god gave you. Its funny how you constantly lash out at peoples real life person yet were just crying over people doing it in your original post "omg she was talking about my president so instead of being a man and disregarding what someone says I gotta get butthurt now and seek all kind of attention over it because I'm deprived of this type of social bearing in real life so instead must lash out at an online gaming community" you rebel you, I'm sure your parents are proud :rofl: why do I give a shit what you think of my relationship or who I'm with? Oh that's right I dont :yahoo:
  22. Awwwww seems I struck a nerve. You sure were in that screenshot she provided throwing plenty of racial slurs so you are contradicting yourself. You should really learn to lie, you suck at it. 2nd what was sarcasm? I'm sorry I don't see anywhere in your topic or comments where your being sarcastic. Perhaps you should grab a dictionary and look up the word yourself since your failing to use the word properly. 3rd of all if you weren't seeking attention like I said in my previous comment that gracefully failed to read properly you would have went to technical support like a normal non attention seeker instead of blowing up the forum instigating arguments to draw attention to yourself. Now what son? No I don't need to resort to your level of racism to bury you. Your already doing a good job yourself in using enough irracial slur for everyone on the forum. The community is pathetic because of children like you.
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