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  1. Legion Guild - RedImpact Leader: Ozaku Members: Shinzon Ninjadudex Painstf The purpose of our guild is to help friends who are newer to the game and to farm items from bosses. We dont plan on doing too much PVP related stuff right now until our current member base is stronger and larger. We are looking for members who don't mind helping out and chilling with us (and maybe some trolling here and there.) I you're interested in joining then find me (Ozaku) in Sapphire or post a reply here and we can talk. (No level or class requirements to join)
  2. GAH! Who cares about the changes? We will learn to live with them. I just want to play! And also, alot of you people on here have the worst spelling and grammar that I've ever seen. Just saying...
  3. The servers are coming back up today? Ive heard that they will be down for two days.
  4. Its christmas in warspear! You know what that means! Elves, get to making those toys for the kids! Haha.
  5. Hey can I sign up? Game Nickname: Ozaku Class: Rogue Current Level: 13
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