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  1. Ophunter

    Strange man

    Idk about that guy I saw but I can answer your question, yes it is possible to make "bot" that plays game for you. Afcourse it cant do everything, but it can be programmed to do some tasks in game like now it must sttack the boss, the man who createf the bot needs obly leave his/her computer on and bot does his work by his own. Im a programmer so I know these bot and all program stuff.
  2. Ophunter

    Strange man

    I started play in mc side few weeks ago and everyday I see him standing there, he has been standing there like few weeks! Does he log out? Or just stand there? Has anyone noticed it?
  3. Ophunter

    Strange things

    I always thought that arena is 4-6 and after that 7-10? Because according to picture its not, mistake or what? Hiw you can see in picture my level is 4 and one of the opponents is 7, tank you for answers :confused:
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