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  1. Yeah that's what I meant. I already use your method, I hoped there was a quicker way to do it. A couple of tips: vs Rogue: dark circle stun hidden rogues but doesnt stop their skill, while plash of darkness does. If you smell rogues, hide behind it. With plash or dark circle you can quickly "search" an area, just select the skill, hold the mouse button and move the cursor around. To deselct it just press on any skill.
  2. Since we are talking, anyone knows a trick to avoid the annoying bug of casting dark circle/plask while attacking a target? I mean, when you move to the point you click on instead of simlply casting the spell.
  3. Well, I believe that your duty as a priest is to be ALWAYS shielded ;D
  4. Omgf, you are right, and I always thought it was position bug, very noobish of me :lol: Back in topic, a warlock without his stun abilities would be a useless class, and fear doesnt ever work for 5 sec, enemies wake up earlier due to dmg taken. Ok high amped warlocks are op because they can kill you in one stun+dark circle time, but thats the exception, not the rule. And priest are one of the classes with the highest chance to kill a warlock, just stay shielded, use armistice to recover and word power to drain their mana, takes just one power word to empty their mp bar and at that point you have a dead warlock.
  5. Wait, what do you mean? I feel like I am missing something important here..
  6. Thanks! 3 parties died countless times before we made a "dream team" party with 2 necros, 1 shaman and me who killed the purple one alone and saved the day ;D
  7. If I could gather enough people simply asking in trade chat I would have done that.
  8. OKei lets try making a party here. Pmme leolock at 7 pm GTM.
  9. Leo Acq

    Skill Build

    I have 5 pp 5 rb 3 ss 3 trap 1 dodge Scattershot kinda sucks but does his work, that is pushing away melee opponents, though its useless against ranged class, maybe at lvl 5 becomes good against them too. Traps lvl 3 allows you to put 2 traps at the same time, that is good to camp in arena. At lvl 5 trap should allow to put 3 traps at the same time, probably its a good choice too.
  10. Wew, nice, google translate works even on this site. Thanks a lot.
  11. Sorry but that's what I want too, I need to move money from my Ranger to my Warlock. :D
  12. Nice, didnt know about this. Dark Circle position bug is a pain in the ass. Another cool thing you can do with Puddle is discover hidden rogues, since Dark Circle stun them but doesnt stop their invisibility.
  13. OK, so 3-4 hits. Seems a lot more while I am feared by a warlock with my ranger :D
  14. Perfect. On mc side I'm Leolock On elf side I'm Leobmf or Leoacq I tried pmming you just now but you arent online, let me know!
  15. I need to know if the chance of awakening an opponent dealing damage to him while he is under the fear effect decreases increasing skill level. I have fear skill now at lvl 3 and my opponents wake up very quickly, both in pvp and pve. How does it work for you warlocks out there with fear at lvl 5?
  16. Someone wants to trade gold from Elf side to Mc side?
  17. Yup, Forsaken island has the same problem, I feel so lonely that when I finally meet somebody I want to hug him. Bosses will be a pain in the ass..
  18. Someone wants to trade gold from Elf side to Mc side?
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