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  1. Now that we are getting changes in rewards in arena season, and a new currency, i think it would be fitting to add a greatness costume/skins shop . With Costumes and skins that would be bought with Imperial Greatness. Costumes that are arena themed .
  2. Akasha, nenhuma novidade a respeito do evento dos trajes trolls ?
  3. Ou seja, adeus entrar t1 e ficar levando hit de 500 pessoas e não morrer , e adeus ficar puxando Engenheiro dos coleguinhas eternamente
  4. I really hope this new currency is separated between arena brackets, because if a lvl 6 arena winner could use his currency to buy lvl 26 greatness,it would completely ruin peoples experience imo.
  5. It has already been said that new level and t5 are coming on spring . Which means 7 to 8 months
  6. i got it ,but what i want to know its if we are getting new Greatness items , like belt or weapons, or only the same as before, only with a new currency, that allows us to choose which part we want.
  7. With this new currency, will we only be able to buy the already existing greatness itens? Or will we have belts and weapons?
  8. I really hope it doesnt just make a new entire set, considering a lot of ppl are already close to completing theirs. Hopefully a belt or weapons , even tho i think weapons with more dmg/ferocity would highly favour dmg classes.
  9. Arena season is close to the ending and i'd like to know if we are having anything new on the next one. I've heard rumours about changes, but havent found any proof on the foruns yet. Is there any post or announcement that says so? A belt for example would be a nice addition , lets say its a belt that gives set bonuses ( for example: if you have 2 pieces of the set you get % resilience , and 4 pieces % stun resist )(arena reward set pieces)
  10. When you say " player must be 28 or higher" doest it mean that low level characters wont even be alowed in? There are lvl 20 characters with all maxed reputation and stronger gear then most 28. Not allowing them in would do nothing but discourage them from playing the game.
  11. its just that having possibly the exact same dmg as someone that didnt get even a single 1# is kind of underwhelming i guess. But i see your point
  12. Ai grind should give players that get all 4 parts of the set a reward, like a costume,or weapons that had 5% more dmg . Something to look forward other then the set which is already an acomplishment. Its just a little something that would be cool imo..
  13. I'd like to hear build ideas from experienced players for a lvl 18 PVP Focused Rogue. Long story short,i have a 14-16 arena guild, and a 17 rogue, to help with lvl 14 ranks, i ll be getting my last gear piece this tour and then lvl it to 18, and i'd like to know which build would be more suitable, Considering i'll be decently tanky ( Full arena reward gear +10 / and both magic defense 10% and physical defense 10% skills) so i guess i can focus on dmg. So far ive been using 5 on the main atk skill, 5 on invisibility and 2 on stun . But i have no idea how rogue new skills mix amd match with the regular ones, since this will be my first 18+ rogue.
  14. The bounty week that allows us to get Troll costumes usually comes around end of july. Can any mod tell me if we are still getting that after this event is over? Tbh this event for me wasnt really good, all i wanted was the demonologist costume, and not a single one was dropped.
  15. Havent managed to find Common Essence and Catalyst , is there any efficient way to get them? I heard its possible to get them by disassembling blue itens, but i have disassembled over 300 blue itens today, and no luck so far!
  16. Coins in Brazil are pretty expensive, to get the legendary achievement on 5x5, a person would have to spend 2 1/2 minimum wages in tkts and pots. 2 1/2 minimum wages in Brazil would be around 45k RUB while in other servers they would have to spend way less. And i'm not even complaining about coin prices, its normal that it changes,considering each country tax policy, and other reasons, but they should also change those achievements taking that into consideration.
  17. Compared to other arena rank legendary achievements, 15k on 3x3 and 5x5 is way too much. It takes a LOT more ressource and time, then for example 2x2. You are the only one who is going to get the achievement among your friends,so theres no way you'll find people to help you with tickets all the way,which means,to get there, you'll need over 130k tkts to get the achievement on 5x5 while in 2x2 you'll spend 40k max. And thats not taking into consideration the time you'll spend,which is greatly different from one arena to the other, 5x5 you'll need 5 people,and most of the time, you'll actually need 10,because 99% of the time you wont find people to fight against,while in 2x2 you can pretty much just get a friend and start. Numbers should be balanced considering Gold and Time investment on them,2x2 15k, 3x3 8-10k , Seals 5-6k , and 5x5 5-7.5k max.
  18. Ai Grind should reset names from characters that havent logged into the game for over a year, and if the person eventually came back to the game it would just pop a window asking them to choose a new one . There are so many cool names that cant be used because someone that played up until lvl 3 8 years ago has it . Its something pretty simple, that would give new and old active players so many new options for nicknames, and also give aigrind money, considering changing your character name costs Coins
  19. Its the same costume from the last Tournament, you guys should know that most players that are getting 1# place are the same that got it last time. I mean, i'm not even asking for creative and new costumes, but atleast change the color of it . This is the kind of moments that i wonder, why is this so obvious to all players, but not so much for the developers....
  20. Will we ever get 3x3 arena ? Its has been a work in progress for ages . It cant be that hard to just let us play a 3x3 arena again ( that is not centered around seals, just plain and simple 3x3)
  21. I've been thinking about buying miracle coins, but first i wanna know what items i should buy and sell for gold , to make the most profit out of it ? Any suggestion is appreciated
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