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  1. Guia transferido e atualizado para link
  2. Tourmaline is pretty much impossible to log in right now edit: it worked!
  3. To be honest, I like the female one, but the male costume look really over the top. I'd much rather a more grounded design,with something that showed us achievements. Maybe a man with a badge on his chest,or a crown on his head.
  4. Have the devs or mods said anything about the new 500 reward? i'd like to know if i can find a photo of it, or maybe a preview of the new achievements. Hopefully a new costume considering the rewards we've gotten so far are : 10 - Smiley 50 - Haircut 100 - Smiley 150 - Haircut 200 - Weapon Skin 250 - Costume 300 - Smiley 350 - Costume 400 - Haircut 450 - Weapon Skin 500 - ??? 3 smileys / 3 haircuts / 2 skins / 2 costumes But we just got weapon skins at 450 so it would make more sense for the next one to be a Costume. And hopefully a creative one . Please Mods or Devs, help this anxious player out
  5. Hopefully the main event outfit actually looks as cool as the boss model. Because the last year main outfit had a REAAAAALY disproportionate head .
  6. How long will it take AiGrind to realize that no class should have the amount of crowdcontrol and area of effect stuns? Guilds are making whole "armies" of mages to defend their castle, it makes impossible to go through. They will all jump, stun in area, and dmg the entire opponent guild at the same time. This needs to be changed. Or atleast a cap of players from the same class to enter the castle. Nerf the AOE stuns or create a cap on castles Example: only a max of 10 of each class can enter I'm sure that a game in a state that Guilds invite " only class x " because of how ridiculously overpowered it is for castles, is not the ideal game for any company. It really is disheartening to see an entire guilds effort feel so pointless. Hope something is done. Cheers !
  7. Did it drop on any servers so far ? I'd like to see it if possible :/
  8. Instead of being stashed on the main inventory ,costumes should be stashed in a similar way as world of warcraft's wardrope/transmogrify system works. That way a player could have all costumes in the game,saved there, and would not use up space. It would be beneficial to both parties, considering players would be able to collect all costumes (an achievement for costumes could be added , like 50 costumes / 100/150 ) ,and aigrind would be incentivating players to farm/buy all costumes. Also helping to increase activity on the players market ,helping the game economy . And bringing some revenue to the company, considering theres a lot of costumes on the Miracle coins market,that are rarely bought nowadays.
  9. Can't you guys show them this kinds of requests, so maybe they think its reasonable, and also do a pool on facebook or something on the subject. This was the closest i could go, with the pixelated art you guys accept. I do not want this as a random costume,that would kill its purpose, it would be nice to have this kind of costume as an arena reward for the champions. @Reivenorik Btw, i failed miserably at finding a way to insert a mouth there. And pixelated makes it impossible to draw the helmet close to similar, but i guess they would get from seeing the picture
  10. To me that makes little to no sense, for the longest time we did not have costumes, and when they came back, they came back as the same costumes from years ago, recolored and reskinned. By then most players didnt even know those costumes ever existed, and instead of going for something innovative,like the suggestion made above,they went for the same. I dont know a single player that thinks those costumes are a tradition, considering they came back to the game a while ago,and i am certain,If some pool was made with 2 options . 1- Keep the same costume just reskinning and recoloring forever 2- New costumes as listed above 100% of the players would vote 2 . It isnt well stablished at all, the developers just havent given people a second option,it was either that ,or nothing. Developers are not obliged to do what players want ofc , but the only actual answer is : They do not want to spend the time/human ressource to make that, because they dont think its worth it . ($$) Which is natural , considering companies want profit . Plain and simple But maybe if you guys ,did a pool, or something on the subject, to show them that there are actually a lot of players that would very much like that, they would be more inclined.
  11. I have identified charlie chaplin and salvador dali. What about the others? Can someone help me out here? Btw, it would be cool to have more of those if possible The middle one looks lile Hagrid from harry potter.
  12. Nice, guess ill level my dk from 14 to 16 to get both defense bonuses
  13. If we get 2 pieces of lvl 6 and 2 lvl 24 for example ( both frim the same bonus, def + resi for example), and i equip all the set, will i get the first bonus twice? Or the entire set bonus? Twice the same bonus wouldnt make a lot of sense considering they would have the same names , hence being the same set
  14. But thats 14-28 it should be 100 times anyway ! I meant brackets that are not that far apart, like 18-22
  15. -We should be allowed to sell Greatness items to the new greatness npcs for some imperial greatness, even if its for 20%-30% the items original price. -Players should not be allowed to buy items above their own arena bracket. Or atleast the reward difference between brackets should be huge. As it is now, it takes just a little longer for a lvl 18 player to get full 20-22 reward.
  16. But if you are already halfway through the set, you wont really be able to choose, choosing would mean losing the resilience bonus . @Reivenorik Btw, are the numbers corrext? Lvl 18 cloak 20k imperial greatness And each set piece 4.5k?
  17. What i meant is, they should add the option, that players with already greatness to sell it back to the npc, and buy the new one. Otherwise people that are midway from completing their set, wont be able to choose which route they want to go . They will either be forced to complete the one they already have parts or start all over. We are not talking about a pve set, this takes a lot of effort and money.
  18. So if i want the new bonus im going to have to win 4 times again? Won't the old ones be updated? Shouldnt you atleast give players that option? I really feel like i've wasted my time, , 4 tournaments in a row, and when im finished you guys release a set with better stats.
  19. Indeed, i just wish every class but Rogue was nerfed,and i was given a 1hit kill skill.
  20. Can any mod/admin tell me if it will be possible to sell the Greatness items that i already own to the greatness npcs, to get imperial greatness. Because i have some spare parts and maybe they added something that interests me
  21. Hopefully if thats the case they add 2 types only to the new lvl 28 set. Spending 8 months of constant farm and a lot of money down the aigrind drain,and then they suddenly release a set with better stats would really make quite a lot of ppl unhappy ,my self included
  22. Some images that are being shared among players show new greatness sets with different set bonuses . If that is indeed true, i'd like to know if the new bonuses are only for the lvl 28 set . And if they are for all lvl greatness, are all sets going to be changed to the new bonus, or will players have to win 4 arena tournaments again? Because that would be really unfair , considering some of those bonuses are quite better then the usual ones
  23. Agreed, it would be 1 more reason for players to participate . Hopefully theres something actually interesting in the new changes.
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