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  1. I Hope dev answer me qwickly im youtuber i have 1.2k subscribers and im on test phase for lvl 2 partnership (last 10 day and I already dis requirements) but i didnt get any test server link to do video on it... So how can i get link ? someone tell me i will receive by mail but i didnt receive any... So sad please i need show new classe to my subscribers *_*
  2. Im was from US too but i Switch to sea pearl! Yes i need to find art designer for logo! And I Hope someday we can make a collaboration !
  3. Seeker and rogue invisibility getting weaker with time (castle pot/sea food/mage eye/ charmer shield) so we need use our brain more than before!
  4. Because rogue can jump but seeker will deal more dmg if he reach it and seeker can run faster
  5. Yes mage can use eye and have fire aura so rogue cant pass and about perma stun yesterday 1 bd stun 20 mc for 3 sec with rush just 1 bd he was really weak
  6. Yes we need that but im not agree with 1 things! Castle pot make arena more hard and its really good I like that!
  7. I love war when there a war leader so we can brain elves and win it even if mc are less in number
  8. Its 2020 Or 2019 event? I dont understand spanish but you have good energy!
  9. Yes even if i use scroll resistance i would no defeat him... Im at the max of the max in dmg arena and I cant defeat a druid that sad. Thanks you for that review !
  10. Yes, why Lifeforce castle pot dont affect our heal with the poison and trickiest thecnique ? Lifeforce is really strong so if you let healer , barb and some others char that can heal himself let rogue are able to this buff too...
  11. Angelxgod


    That why dont trashtalk if you dont know.... Nevermind i hope admin will delete this topic.
  12. Angelxgod


    Hmmm have you sein wich server is from?
  13. Hi, im an lvl 2 youtuber named Orb Angelcrush and im looking to someone that can draw with Photoshop some costume from the game and can even draw an entire character ! If you are able to do it please contact me we will can find a deal! Thanks to reading this !
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