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  1. lmao an army of elves after us too bad theyre late :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. dont start talking about stats with ascetic btw. lol thats his favorite topic. thats what they talk about in our party chat everyday. how to bring out the best stats of a class by items. now our clan's barbs dk's are almost all goin for half sets k.w and d.d or h.e. :lol:
  3. lol at this :lol: sulla ima get u a black comet lv15 dont get the nimbus its useless :facepalm:
  4. yea i know its 15.6, ascetic has that when normal :spiteful: just know how to tweek it higher and clean evidence :blush: i know what pot u used on ur s.s mercy :tease: we have another rogue magic soon on popsy fro :lol:
  5. thanks a lot devs. now i got back the forgotten baton i equipped by accident ;D
  6. ANY TACTICS? :blush: our clan did a lil gathering today and went for him. we not only killed black jack but a temptress too.. ;D the 1st kill was of mcs too. yesterday. ::) and we dont have rangers to tank range so we did our own tactic
  7. some new pics for today, and pvp of champz and ascetic.. 4-0 infavor of the rogue :spiteful:
  8. i always see doors in the end of pumpkin area. iand there is no dead end but death end :lol:
  9. players kept leaving before we try killing. impatient ppl :facepalm:
  10. dont plan to unbind any item atm tho, O:-) server down. im surely gonna end up in respawn coz i was walking on the obelisks before server dropped :'(
  11. maybe the sexy bunny costumes counterpart of kitties. but my personal fave are the kitties, white and pink kitty please :blush:
  12. gerger ready for the temptress. ull have a new family like granddad beholder before :pleasantry:
  13. maybe in the future there will be an item. just like the Stall for market.. hopefully :blush: go sleep born play tomorrow . :lol:
  14. i think this is the reason why some is asking if the download page has the new client now. not changed yet lol
  15. lol yea new client version is out,. now downloading the android apk file ::)
  16. event. another thing to do in-game ::) and thanks so much for these, much love devs :yahoo:
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