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  1. Lvl up so borin .i always start a new char and i stop at 20...cuz it so borin go do same quest .i wisg evry town u complet they give u good gift...as a smile or costum...not just som pots or cards..and i also sugest already mini games  lik poker or domino..u play them for gold vs ur frinds or random players...it bring much fun...

  2. Dk and thread cd should be less..cuz the mong cd mak the relics useless..cuz u will only use ds 1time or 2 in a pvp mean u hav 1-2chance to active relics..while bd pary or rugue dodg hav beter chance to activat usfull relics lik imunty relic

  3. 19 hours ago, Niansenti said:

    :blush:Yay more power to top guilds and mcoiners. Lets punish every free player in game for being too poor to pay to win. :looser-crazy-rabbit-emoticon: Because why not? Money rules in this world and why would there be difference in virtual/game world.


    ( I bet someone will say or think of saying "find a job" or something similar. :cat6: So yeah... lets all be big businessmans or live with rich parents. Im sure we all can be such.)


    :cat4:At least good thing is that there is new hotkey and updated xp/ap guild buffs.

    But unfortunately this is the only two good things in this update.

     This update will be only good for high lvl guild..and it will unbalnc the pvp and arena.




  4. Good news... for high guild mmbers only :suspiciousowl:... So now i guess a player in lvl3-5 guild can never win vs a player in lvl10-"12" guild with full buff and new "exclusiv" relics..idk i liked the part of new interfac and i was excited abt the relics..but i get despointed to know that i wont hav chance to hav it..i think this updat good..but it will give more strenth to the strongest ones :head-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:.

  5. Soo we was in arena ..and i was with a lock and he ask buffa for pvp .but they gank him..and buffa dont wanna admit it and keep sayin that the lock never ask for a pvp...soo here is a lil prov for u buffa to see that lock did ask u for pvp :) :advise:

  6. its simple ...just put minion that colect the drop from mobs that u killed..and the more minion expensiv the more space in his bag habe..and when u go to shop to sell..it will show ur bag ...and if u click pn left side for exmpl u see minion bag...this will make the farm more easy...ps: the minion dont atack and dont be atacked...ty

  7. hi...i wanna sugess somthings that will add a lot of fun..i wana put a mini games on warspear...like poker game..or domino game..its simple...doesnt need super work..imagin u can play poker with frinds in inn..and u play of curs for gold...the game will be more funy...i hope u consdrer that..ty...

  8. idk...it said it will lose it efect after u get dmg...sooo..m u gonna fight enemy...lived one right?..of curs u will get dmg..and i think it will lose it efect...sooo..unless u have all exp skills..if u still didnt buy them..there is much beter exp skills...like hex ..sphere...stone body...thnks

  9. hello..maybe evryobe exprince this thing...its when u start u cin midl of mobs...nd u lost conection...and when u restor conex...u find that the mobs killed u...or when u r tapin and u see that a mob atackin u...so u quit ur chat to kill the mob..so my sugess is when a mob atack the charchtr..the chrchtr start atackin him in back...without usin skills only normal atack...thnks...and forgive me for my bad english

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