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  1. daaaaa :-) ima geroite mi sa- necro-20 lv ime Wowasur,Shaman-20 lvl ime Assuri,DK-17 lvl ime Asuri :-)
  2. wowsvetlio

    40 sign

    sorry admins but i just wat to know..... i buy mc points whit sms and evry mont i pay 100 euro on warspear,so tell me-is normal i use 40 sign and damege and cant up waepon from +4 to +5 wtf guys,so tis is game warspear or game WARMONEY ????? SORRY FOR MY POST but this is ducking sux :'( :'(
  3. hi,i have problem.! my hero is 10 lvl on EU Emerald,i finish all quests and stel need 4 xp for up 11 lvl. i not see any quest in map,enter in gave open map and no quest,help me pls,my hero name is Wowasur. tnx
  4. I have reputation,neutral -5000 this is problem?
  5. Yes i know this,i,m in the second island now,i finish all quests in yelow,when i open map,i not see any quest,i check all buildibg and camps,but noting,just no have quest for up lvl 13,i,m 12 lvl now shaman name Spuun, :'(
  6. Hi im lvl 12,i finish al q in new island and now no have more q,and cant up lvl 13,can help me,pls? :-(
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