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  1. There is 6 dungeons but only 5 lvls ice rings n amulets, so which dungeon not drop ice rings n amulets ?
  2. Ishuukan friend, hyouka, true tears
  3. About explosive trap ranger skill, trap duration 20-30-40-50 sec, skill cooldown 7 sec, does it means ranger can place multiple explosive traps ?
  4. Its dungeon for lv 14 characters which drop lv 14 items which can be used for lv 14 character s and higher
  5. hmmmmmmm.... im only saw 4 kind of items, costumes, hairstyle, smiles and skins. And cards, pots , summon, bars are not totally new items. This is what i called scam Rolland tell us, it was your teams intention or mistakes.????
  6. It ll work like this,the chest gift and mcoin chest look similar but really different item. U know what i means . But i still hope tht my though was wrong
  7. Remember one thing : anything will come fast if its profitable for them, if no profit for them then ....... special chest are non mcoins item. So its ok for them to give it very late.
  8. The one and only true legendary player at elf side are eridon, bcause when mcoin still not exist (v 0.7) all player are equal, and what make difference are pure skill and leadership. After mcoin and amp came, many rich player who bought tons of mcoin called himself legendary. Its even worst when achievement came, now gm can call player with legendary player as they like
  9. Its lifeless but they deserved to get achievement. * lifeless achievement *
  10. Old warspear : legendary means player who doin something big for their faction , respected by friend and feared by enemy . New warspear : legendary means errrrrrrr.......
  11. Cant wait for another ceremonial camisole like costume
  12. Does something totally new like ceremonial camisole costume or champions haircut ??? Lulz
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