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    Dalijs got a reaction from memo2o1o in [2015.11.30] Update Warspear Online 5.3 Warrior's Path. Preview   
    Good update meny bug fix...
    But why priest dont get stun, sorry but why ?
    I tgink priest need 1 stun .
    Yea its like druid get meny stuns.. But priest hmm...
    Mby priest now is beter tgen druid ? (like noob): who knws ...
    Enyway good update canot wait .. But pls i hope this update will not take 8h or like 2 days
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    Dalijs got a reaction from [email protected] in [2015.06.10] Warspear Online 4.11: 7 years of war. Release   
    Ty for making new event, im hoping its will be avable today, bc im bored
    Srly ry for event and im wish all good luck in event bosses and in quests
    Glad to be with WS (Warspear)
    Good luck agrind
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