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  1. It is hard, especially few bosses, but it's far from hardest game ever.



    Enlighten me please *_*.

    Demon souls and Monster hunter are currently the hardest games ive played :P.

    I died from antelopes....  :facepalm:

  2. I got the idea from this thread http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=95837.0 hope im not plagurising, sorry if i am.


    heres how it works.


    Every 10 or [insert number here] levels, players will get 1 Elite skill point to distribute to any of their skills, making them considerably more effective.


    -skill must be lvl5


    The bonuses that will be given could not only affect the skill but the player too.

    e.g(Shaman- lvl5 lightning ball + Elite Skill = increased dmg + increased base moon dmg on character ~1-5%)

    (Shaman- lvl5 Heal + Elite Skill = increased heal + increased max hp for character ~1-5%) etc



    It could only just affect the skill without changing the character.

    (Druid- lvl5 Root + Elite Skill = increased duration + DoT RooT Bondage)

  3. Just then a fissure on the floor appeared and out clambered a cloaked figure, his face barely distinguishable under the shadows. Everybody is frozen, their eyes fixated on the mysterious figure that appeared before them. rafa was about to speak before the figure extended an arm out, its left arm, wrapped in cloth bandages. There is a faint glow emanating from his hand, the figure reveals what looks like a small iridescent crystal and dropped it. The gem fell leaving a trail of stars and strangely enough stopped and floated about a meter of the ground, with that done the figure walks slowly towards the wall, as it nears the wall begins to crumble forming a new fissure, it stepped through and it closed behind it.

  4. Hi, just wanted to say hi to EU server  O:-)



    I am the #1 Pro Player on all servers, im sure you already know  :blush:




    Finally someone with tighter ass cheeks than sulla, im looking forward to seeing you in emerald.



    P.S Youre my ducking god, if i could suck ur d!ck i would non stop.

  5. Anybody whos thinking of hunting hydra now dont bother.Im not the one to brag but I just killed it today(solo) using my secret tactic.



    My reward i got was a norlant rune of healing. but i missed a [spadone of sudden doom] + [hauberk of heroic endurance].



    Seems like either the chances of getting good stuff from hydra was increased or devs made it to tease us.

    either way hydra is now not worth the effort in my opinion.



    Forgot to take screens of the reward box, its up to yous to believe me or not but the fact never changes is that I win


  6. The points go for all the losing members not just the one with the kill.


    How the ♥♥♥♥ can you disagree with this suggestion, guys? And even say it reduces teamwork, dafuq have you even read the suggestion

    FFS, when you post in the suggestion board threads atleast turn on your brains.  :facepalm:



    Here, I'll make it alot easier to understand



    let's say it's

    2 +8-9 amplified BDs vs Ioki & Spanish



    when they open location list they go " OMFG are you ♥♥♥♥ing kidding me, might aswell go naked "

    but now since they get bonus points if they manage to get a kill they would go " take down the one who has no heal, I'll try and hamstring first then you follow once it goes off we will most likely lose but if we get to stun one then we could get bonus points for a kill "



    2 BDs lost BUT killed Ioki, so they get +2 arena points.







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