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  1. This site is the stupidest game ever,specially choosing their finalist. If u based it in the stories and how it looks like why don't u choose my boss..its more great, three headed..more creepy than the top 5 lol
  2. U said draw ur boss in color or how ur boss look like, nextime don't dare to put it in the rules.. Just bitter... My friends bosses doesn't choose in the fact that their boss is more good than the top 5.. So disappointed.. So u just based it in the story or so what ever. Even the management don't based it in the rules. So stupid.. Gudluck for the top 5. This are the ratings: Story 45% Skills 15% Tactics 10% Favoritism 25% Appearance of the boss 5%.lol
  3. Whats really the point of this? Most of bosses not following the rules so why many complaints. U know from urself u dont follow the rules. There was a boss in warspear fb page used auto likes. But his boss did not follow the rules(fact: Mostly boss don't follow the rules..)its unfair to the others who give too much effort (what I mean effort they draw it with color, idea and skills) so funny, many players so greedy. Dont get me wrong but U better post on fb what is right.
  4. U talk too much about your bosses.. As what u read from the rules.. Draw ur boss with color, not block in white. And base to your own imagination not based on the internet. And I could smell cheating on warspear fb page. There was a boss there got almost 1.2k likes too impossible.he used auto likes and his boss not even draw in color..i feel disappointed.. Follow the rules and don't complain.
  5. Some players here are not their own work they just get some idea in the internet even the skill lol.no orginality..they don't even put too much effort.. I see some players and I could see they have their own originality and creative mind.
  6. SADOLIA THREE HEADED MONSTER In the land of Altgard there was a Santanial Alliance who leads by a strong Queen named Lilite. Queen Lilite wants peace and unity. She even let people to make their own guild that can help each warriors to manipulate their ability and powers. She even hire the best of her warriors to protect the kingdom and the people to lead it was Drizzzz and Abzalom. The progress of having a guild was successful and peaceful but one day everything was change. There was this three warriors who became greedy and selfish by their powers. They are Emocute, Emaxjado and Xredbirdx. They are so jealous by what the others warriors company. They thought there was a special treatment happening. They ask help from the demon to give them a power to make them strong. And the three warriors become more stronger they even killed innocent people and destroy all the village they passed by. Queen Lilite been terrified from what is happening. She let her best warriors to capture this three warriors leading by Drizz and Abzalom with the others best warriors Xmananabas, Xkickxgunx, Xxdeaathxx, Baldwiin, Irishrouge, Almawade, killerbabe, Nessah, Tpain, Critcree, and Alazthore. This three insane warriors are too strong because of the dark power they got. They fought and give their best to fight this three warriors but something happened that they didn't expect. The three warriors encircle themselves and combined their powers. Something happened when the three combined they became a monster. A three headed monster. This happened once u have a dark power it changes your appearance and with this, there's no spell to be used for how they will turn to human form again. The three headed monster become more stronger. Queen Lilite sent another best of her warriors to help the others and capture the monster it was xLadychikx, Mrvendetta, Popback, Belatrinx, Dhavok, Killermill and Veramicar. All the warriors was successful for capturing this three headed monster. Queen Lilite and the Santanial Alliance decided where to shut down this monster. And the place they choose is far away from Altgard and it was the Ayvondil. HP 1m (level 25) Mama regen 250 (every 15 secs) Health regen 500(every 30 secs) Physical def - 10000 Magic def 10000 Attack - 700 Skills : BAHO BAHO SMOKE - Its a poisonous smoke that came from the monster mouth it cause the enemy to stunned for 10 secs BARANG TALAB - its a fire arrow that looks like a needle that form in the air and attack the enemies. Critical hit cause once it hits u. (She can used this skill every 30 sec) WAKWAK TORNADO- The monster can create a tornado using her wings.once the enemy hit they flew away. (1 meter) NAENAE TAG- the monster turns into a fireball and it attacks directly to the enemy that cause the critical hit. Physical damage hit (30 secs) Drop (lvl 25 wpns) (Craft resourceses) (Gold bars) (Rare costume) So this is my story!hope u like it guys. I'm not a hater but I love their characters and name!they are so cool. Specially US sapphire players! Good luck to all participants. we are all winners.
  7. wow your boss shes so creeeeepy. i hope this boss will be shown to the game. this might be cool. I see some errors but you make it nice (no perfect people), to your story and to her skills, and plus how your boss looks like its totally awesome..so all in all you have a great job dear her behavior it can be base in real life, many jealous people and insecure. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/45655-lamia-elchidna/tp this story?? i cant see your works are same? shreemo doesnt look like a snake lol. shes more beautiful . Nextime read the story so you will understand what the boss was. maybe the cursing one and the place are same, but who a boss or monster not came from cursing?lol. most stories i read here are all about cursing. who says that you have same stories, dont mind them, they are just jealous coz u have a great boss (no offense) I see some nice boss and they are so cool, like yours so i will put you in my list too. i hope your boss will choose.goodluck!.
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