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  1. Include me August 27 at what time?
  2. Shadows of Berengar have grown ridiculously hard. The 2 hit almost everything with their current dmg! Something has to be done about them if anyone is to reach the Crimson Corundum quests...
  3. Zeusx

    Shadows MC

    Zeusx Lvl 15 Shaman
  4. Hey everyone, Berengar Guards now only needs about 10 people. So if you need Berengar Guards just list your username and level, and once we get 10 names we will organize a time to meet and down them. Username: Zeusx Level: 15 Oh, and if you just wanna help your happy to post your username and level!
  5. Hello Developers. I submitted my phone number for free miracle coins near the beginning of the period, and I have yet to receive my coins. I am on US Server (Sapphire) and my character name is Zeusx. Thank you and have a nice day.
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