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  1. Good job, now the game is completely ducked up. :drinks: Cheers
  2. It's true, I'm ranger too and I was partying today with a druid and a bladedancer. While the bd was continuously grinding without making a break, I had to wait for HP regen after every second mob! His HP regen was more then double of mine. I also noticed that he almost never missed an attack, while I miss around 25%. Also, my dodge rate is 20% but the actual dodge rate in a fight is much lower. On average, I dodge every 20th attack (which is 5%).
  3. I'm sorry for my complaints yesterday, I only fought one specific type of mobs (Satyrs), which are hard to kill and dodge alot, so I thought it's the general case for all mobs. After some gaming time now I have to say that balancing is almost perfect now, great job :) Just a small suggestion, like other guys already said. Raise regen a tiny bit, or make food cheaper.
  4. HP regen still sucks. Mobs are slightly weaker, but it still takes longer to kill them and they cause lots of dmg. It's obvious you guys are trying to make us buy gems and that stuff which costs real money, which is bullshit. That's NOT the way these paid4 systems are supposed to be. The usual way is, people can play normal and the ones who buy stuff with real money are alot more powerful. But what you do is, you make it nearly impossible to play decent without buying coins... Think about that.
  5. Guys are you serious? New Interface and style is great, no doubt. But gameplay is somehow messed up :o I can barely kill a mob, it takes a shitload of time and I almost die. Took me 3 hits for the mob before the update. It's not playable at the moment. I kill like 1 mob in 5 minutes because HP regeneration is extremely slow now. I'm Ranger and miss (enemy dodges) around 60% of my attacks...
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