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  1. About something that happen at our realm! There's a new post also, see it. :-)
  2. Hello! As we have many things happens at our realm everyday, we need new to keep us up-to-date about everything at our game realm! This is not official page by Aigrind, this I've made, so you will know everything about our game realm. We start our work after 100 likes! There will be also YouTube channel and Fan of the Week application! So, there's a link: http://www.facebook.com/wseunews WsEUNews
  3. Congratulations. Anyway please discount Worldcreation Cache.
  4. Peter, can you notify us when to download new client for android and pc? I tried but it installs same client 4.5.0 and android 4.5.2.
  5. Who said I command them? Noob.
  6. Ok, but r0land, please do it today. Me and other players can't wait for it.... That's all.
  7. Please GM, is there any chance that the update will be released today?
  8. TraitorV


    Ok thanks! Sorry if I am annoying here and spam with my questions... I'm new on this forum.
  9. TraitorV


    Help, how to give karma to user? If anyone knows... I would like to give it to r0land but I don't know how...
  10. Sorry if I am annoying you with my questions now but, when we will get new event, can you tell it will be this week? Friday is 31th october.
  11. Hello GM , me and all players are still confused why you have stopped the server yesterday? Just tell us something...
  12. congratulations, but why server was stopped yesterday? preparation for event or? we all was confused and abit pissed off...
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