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  1. Do us a favor and lock/delete this topic or this nightmare will never end!
  2. Ehh didn't know that xd there most be other places like that!
  3. I know your busy making new updates but that doesn't mean u ignore my 1 week old ticket and I sent another one and u just ignored it! You blocked my account for sms fraud! I did call Zain Company and they said I keept send credit for the following numbers! (4729-4728-4727)! If you have issues with that! Just go and call them! Your iraqi billing partners are mistaken for sure! And you asked for payments proves! Here you go: MY PHONE CREDIT : Now I buy From your mobile bill payment: (55 coin = 600IQD) As you can see in picture below! I received the coins: And I lost 600IQD FROM MY CREDIT! Stop making excuse and tryin to block my account after I paid over 3000$ on this game! It's not fair! I live in iraq! Doesn't mean I can do anything I want. They got a very strong security with all Sim cards here. You can send a fake credit or do any hacking ways to get credit! You billing partners thought me money fraud surely because I always buy over 10k coins at 1 time! This a ducking real money! Not a ducking toy's. I work hard for this shit! and don't tell me to send a ticket to support because i just waste my time waiting for nothing! Here's another picture prove the success of payment:
  4. Here's another TIP I have found for WYVERN'S LAIRS, im sure that 70% of players don't do this quest because it a bit hard and it need healers and time to kill wyvern and wait eggs to respawn, but ill change that for you! YES now you can do this quest while just standing, do nothing.the only thing you have to do is collecting eggs. Not hard huh? Just follow the picture down! And stand where I am and Tadddda, the wyvern will not attack you! this tip made for all fatty players out there! But remember you may need to kill the wyvern close to you one 1 time, then you just have to stand still and take the eggs! And if you want to make the process fast! Get atleast 15bag slots and collect all egg fast! You bag will be full of trash but you can always drop them!
  5. Stop this drama or they gonna delete this topic same as bless topic
  6. Wow so pro. You beat me! Omg you just beat me! Wohao none did that from Ages! I won't lie for you, but you're really no life retard player who should stop playing for a while, I mean please go out with your friends if you have one, let back to our conversation, I skipped all that blah blah blah of your up because I don't have time to read some drama I won't even care about them and all the times lvl19-20 beats me. Then you come up and took this game seriously and Wow u beat me 2 times with a +10 rouge and start to spam my private chat with billion account, just lmao I have fun ignoring you. If I wanna to rape your butt ill get myself +10 partner and u make cry all the day but its cool, Its just a game, who take it seriously surely have pathetic life, now have fun talking about me. Posting ss because I absolutely don't care! Beside if I wanna make my arena rate high and rape your vortex members who took ages doing fake 3v3 and 2v2 party's just to take 1st places, I won't even take a day to beat em all! Cheers!
  7. Physik - pummy .heard that naim is good shaman
  8. I was so happy to see you answer my ticket so fast.i mean after 7hours only but what make me upset than you guys didn't send me my accout login info. You just gived me the hacker email with a link to reset the password, I mean I need to log in the hacker email now to get my account back and that won't happen, I just reply on my email and request to change my account details to my originy email ( sent you in mail) The funny thing here is, that dude who hacked my account now thinks he own my account and keep saying new owner at chat xd im just afraid he scam other ppl with my char Hope you can help me
  9. Duuuuah ♥♥♥♥♥ that why they made a recovering system Beside I still got my second account Why not make your own game and do these rules huh? Selfish fag
  10. Sure you don't know me thats why you attack my bd all the time xD and use pots and minions. Don't say it was gank because there was like 10 elfs so nice one Now get the duck out of my topic weak shit
  11. Please dramalords stay out of this.i don't wanna drama here too
  12. Someone mad. His life pathetic. He didn't drink his mum milk when he was a kid. Who cares Haters keep hating and my account will be back and you can't do shit about it. Funny how people hate me xD if someone are meany and rage all the time.others like him? I don't think so
  13. Lol I already send a ticket support before I tell cyber to post this And nah roland a good guy and gonna check my message :3 there support email full of people issue .that why they take long to read them and trying to solve all issues
  14. I actually does turtle Support with take 7-6 days to answer. That enough for hacker to delete or sell my chars Ill think ill end up with rouge and necro now xd duck ws
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