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  1. @ Jaw and Windcaller




    I am Forsaken bros, I will destroy Chosens, they don't belong in our world, they are meant to be slaves to the Forsaken, they do not deserve freedom, they must be locked up in cages and tortured to death. Forsaken will rule over this world and torture everyone who will not obey our every command.



    :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:

    only the first picture looks awesome

    the rest is usual

    i hope badboys land aka forsaken land better than this :pardon:



    It will be 100x better, no water just blood, no colourful shit like this just black and red everywhere, castles made out of bones of our victims, rivers of the blood sucked out of our slaves, heads of every traitor and victim will be hung up the gates and entrances of houses, and SLAVES everywhere suffering, screaming and begging for mercy and sparing their lives, ofcourse we just torture them at the end.
  2. sad thing? this is the best thing to be, you damn bd can have everything and everyone, and you reject the rogues  :facepalm:



    God stop these offtopics, Slay what Sulla means by this quote is cause Shyleen only likes BDs including You, Elvic, Ginis and many more sad thing is he is just an emo rogue trying to find a girl but he needs to learn like me I'm used to being a single failure like him  :lol: :lol: :lol:

    very nice pic  :blush:

    someone here inlove with you, but he is to shy gay to post here, right merc.


    What why you always setting me up with this stuff?  :facepalm:  unlike you I don't fall inlove with women on the internet even if they are pretty,


    Sorry for the spam  :facepalm:  Goodluck in the Contest by the way, ignore Sulla he just wants attention he's been single since birth I know it's hard for him to understand the real world since he's 19 and single


  3. wtf bro, you spend 24hrs in wow moaning about a girl you havent seen in 4 ducking years, CAUSE SHE HATES BOYS, and now fliritng with ducking alistra, a 3D NPC  :facepalm:


    bro, your the one who started ♥♥♥♥♥ING, cause shyleen was offline, you where like " OMFG I MISS HER BRO BLAH BLAH " " OMFG OMFG WHERE IS SHE " then I was " it's not like it's ducking 4 years blah blah blah " and whos the one with the emo pic and emo signiture, mr. I can't tell a girl i like her cuz i wanna be emo, you even spam me how to talk to a girl, a girl in a 2D game, IN A duckING 2 duckING D GAME BRO YOU NEED REAL GIRLS NOT CYBER GIRLS AND STOP PLAYING MONEY SUCKER MALL GAMES PLAY WOW  :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:  WHO GIVES A duck ALISTRA IS SEXIIIII
  4. i am not rich,its my suit and my car,in germany its kind of normal to get a car as a present when you are 18 years old. but thanks for your spam.


    normally at 16, but Sulla didn't get one at 16, 17, 18, not even at 20, he poor guy he spend all his money on a girl that he thinks that likes him then that girl leave him for Elven Bladedancers, poor guy he needs a real girlfriend and a real life not some cyber girl and 2D game yes, I said it 2 ducking D
  5. but lvl 12-14 druid hp is around 900 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ...i need 2 hits to kill it in steath before it can heal itself  600! in ms+steath then 400!+ crit  :rofl: ...deal done xD

    also most of newbies are  too retard to use correct skill sequence...my lvl 12 rouge(now 13 or 14) had killed lvl 15 bd and lvl 14 ranger and lvl 15 druid full hp even before they can react....


    too easy with crossing, they always panic when a Rouge comes out  :lol:
  6. Do u understand the meaning of word rogue? In very simple terms it mean bad guy....so whats the wrong in hitting and running or troubling others in farm?i find quite enjoyable to do it and i like sometimes that rouge.tries to disturb me...makes a lot of fun for me than just bored farm


    Elves at emerald don't like bad guys  :rofl:  why don't you guys make a rouge since you say rouges have the easy life, have fun trying to kill a druid , even with 1 moon and 250 astral your screwed :lol:
  7. the drop rates here are better, lol in my old game we hunt mobs(ninjanas) for months for just 1 drop(c.h,k.h) thats worst  :tease:


    World of Warcraft, 1 boss = 100% drop  :lol:

    Devs who has the infomation about how often each boss drops? If we (the players) don't know then what's the point of wasting 8 hours farming if we aren't gonna go a fu***** thing.


    wanna know the real drop rate? 0% - 100%, that is the drop rate, all random so don't be so sure they can't just say drop rate is 5% then some people get 5 drops in 30 minutes  :facepalm:  but if you wanna know the common drop rate, then it's same as Berengar's guards
  8. WOW :shok: i love that frog in the middle of that picture that is in ur clan's description page :clapping:


    It will hipnotize yo............... ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTICFROG
  9. bro there dead before even can speak against me there, this merc must be shit at killing allys  :facepalm:


    well, I let them scream in pain and torture them begging me to spare their lives, It's quite fascinating, I record their voices everytime I torture them and play it while I am asleep
  10. i agree with the cute one, duck this argument and leave this thread.

    the problem old now, just enjoy game bro, il afk at elf now helping them by adding more numbers to there afkers, what about u merc?  :rofl:


    shy is happy at elfs with madmaxx, jonny , qing etc, why still argue about it? stop bro, it`s over.


    screw this game, I go wow, away from the drama, After all, if you betray Allys all you will hear from them is

    Ally: [Common] Dur hakken shuk ver tu hak!!! ( ally calling me traitor )

    Mercuriall casts blind on you!

    Mercuriall's blind wears off!

    Mercuriall spits on your corpses.

    Mercuriall: [Common] DUKK SHARR OKK!!!!

    Mercuriall laughs.

  11. Why you add me at all things cross said?? Ask him if you not agree with something, we arent same person and already i posted what he wanted mean in real with that.


    Me Replying to crossfits post, And then you " Replying " to my post when I didn't say anything about you,

    - By Spanish people I was referring to the people who PM'd why I changed to elf which was also you, but the " ♥♥♥♥♥ing part " was for crossfit cause he started to involve me in this

    Bro, me quit for now, I just log elf and MC to talk with friends, You see me in MC right? and why does it matter if i'm on elf? all I do is afk at riff, What benefits do elves gain with that? and guys this is a ducking shitty piece of shit in a electronic device, right now elves are more active, MC is ducking boring, killing elves all day, But I AM MC, that is why I don't hunt MC's, I don't hunt bosses with elves and I DONT KILL MY FRIENDS.

    You know Sulla is inlove with shy, that's why he follows here, and Madmaxx has more friends online at elves, I always see him with Uxie and other people, Shy is just having time with FoF and old friends.

    It's not like we have war with each other, we will all return at forsaken, just don't ♥♥♥♥♥ about other people going to other factions,

    are Spanish people always like this? you go to enemy side they start ♥♥♥♥♥ing? jeez, stop ♥♥♥♥♥ing and remember what friends are, if you don't like us in elves then duck off, you know we will still be together when forsaken comes out,

    Why is playing in the opposite faction such a ducking big deal? I don't really get it

    They are just spending time with Slay and other FoFs and friends, you don't spend time with your friends even if they in enemy team? do you have real friends at all?


    Broder, i dont understand. You passive and enjoy fun with active elves? We talking about game or sex? MC boring for kill elves? Then elves are so cool doing diffrent things than hunt or kill people :wacko: :wacko: 

    Broder bro, you my friend and for that i recommend you stop acting at forum like a ducking brainy king knowing about all things and rest people are just noobs retards toping it writing like a ♥♥♥♥♥ gangsta, get more info before post your epic speech, i didnt kill any friend too, you should know who start "♥♥♥♥♥ing" as you said and made many drama when i just killed 1 elf enemy.

    And sorry my broder i will not give you the last word like always you want, this time no bro because you wasnt there and dont know full history.



    What else to I have to proof? why can't you just accept that I didn't join this drama and you guys added me to it  :facepalm:

    And anyways, why you started insulting me? did I insult you? I was talking to Crossfit not you, so that is another problem here...  :facepalm:

    Anyways forget about that, if you wanna continue then continue cause I'm not gonna stop until this is over, and again This is NOT the " Shyleen attacking you " problem

  12. You join the drama at abc when reply not knowing full story and also making it bigger.  Dont be hypocrite read post again i just ask you 1 time and after that sometimes i talk with sulla about its not cool just that dont changue topic or make your own history evading many points, i dont care what faction you want play isnt that about why i complained.


    Talking about me i never ignored you and you know it, in the other hand shyleen added me at ignore list and made many drama just because i went kill kerv when he was hunting with her and other people (kerv is my enemy and killed me hunting too), kerv and me was fightning and mohamad and other allie people just watch, but shyleen killed me defending kerv, so i called more people to kill them and she pm and acted like she go make war, after this mc and elfs did war and sulla just come with mcs to kill mdea, scared to kill others elves for if shy go mad.. and shy ofc went mad at him and he was sad for that and go elf to talk with her with me, she ignored me and sulla i dont know why, maybe need atention or whatever.

    I pmed her a lot with other acc and tried talk with others to tell her sulla just come to kill mdea and fourth and i didnt do anything wrong, just kill my enemy and if someone is wrong here is her but she no reply.. only she leave me of ignore list when i ask her with other acc if she pardon me if i delete spanish and make elf, if she want that to stop this ducking crazy drama and asking what she want then..

    I think make it so big just for kill my enemy its not fair to me like friend, when she used madmax account at torturer and get 1 ring and madmax make her give to uzun, and she was more angry and crazy too but acted like nothing happened with him because oh well he is rich maybe and more friend maybe for that.

    Ask koskiller and crossfit who was gaylordd always.


    I don't wanna know about you or shyleen's problem, I don't want to take sides here  :facepalm:

    All I said was you and crossfit adding me in your " MC's who followed Shyleen to elf ", I did not follow anyone, I did not transfer to elf, I did not join this drama, I did not make the first post with you or crossfit's name involving any of this drama.

    Read again, here is a post from you and Crossfit adding me in this bullshit, I'm not evading anything, I am not being a hypocrite, I just don't wanna be a part of this drama, now stop involving me in your post so you will atleast still have my respect


    Dont lie all following shyleen  :facepalm:  mercurial want to  :bad: 

    patetic .....good luck to all  :facepalm:

    im surprised for this shit


    Cross asked merc if he is elf just 1 ducking time and i did too, maybe that hurt him because didnt upgrade, same as you pming me and talking about not cool jonny madmax merc and shy playing elf now, whats the difference then?


    Check the dates, who made the first move? not me, so don't involve me in any of this " he changed to elf/he followed ???? to elf " shit


    Sorry FoF for the spams but I just want to make it clear to these people  :facepalm:

  13. Cross asked merc if he is elf just 1 ducking time and i did too, maybe that hurt him because didnt upgrade, same as you pming me and talking about not cool jonny madmax merc and shy playing elf now, whats the difference then?

    Same as shyleen paranoia talking about my behind to others im gaylordd when all people know im not him and who is in real.


    I think its more possesive if some people dont let you leave party, dont mind if all of them are off, or you just cant talk with me or others many time or some people goes mad at you.






    Btw lets talk in game, old fof clan topic had enough drama dont you think


    Why you involve me in this drama? You really want to make enemies out of your friends? Didn't I tell you guys I DON'T PLAY ELF, MY BLADEduckINGDANCER HAS NO MOTHERduckING SWORDS, WOOOOOAAAAHHH ELVES GET 100000000 MCOINS JUST MERC AFKS AT RIFF duckING BIG DEAL OMFG OMFG, FOR THE LAST TIME DON'T duckING INVOLVE ME IN THESE STUPID DRAMAS, I DON'T DO SHIT EXCEPT STANDING IN LEGION AT MC AND STANDING IN RIFF AT ELF TALKING WITH PEOPLE, HOW THE duck DOES THAT MAKE ME PLAY ELF? You guys are too sensitive, I play elf then you start giving faceoalms and complaining why I'm at elf, Ask people at mc HOW LONG IM AFKING THERE just to show you and crossfit that I AM MC, or did you guys put me to ignore list? go ask Hornig he always online I bet he saw me online for like ducking 3-5 hours afking at riff, you add me in one more drama then congratulations you just made an enemy out of your friend
  14. hmmmmmmmmmmm, yes, I see, so... What your problem here is, that video is already old, maybe post better things like Dragons and shit like that? this clanbook is for epic people bro, you can't be epic with your outdated videos about some anime things with epic blood all over and shit like that, I like this video though, with the epic fighting of course Sulla wouldn't like it since he's a coward afraid of scary things,

  15. Maintenance  :facepalm:  I hope I get upgraded, and Shy you need to change your password in WoW and verify it from your email, they said it's locked incase of account theft or getting hacked, I don't think we can use each others accounts  :wacko:

  16. paul was on, and probably playing wow..  sulla cudnt find him at eu server he myt be in us his name is striernoob...


    He found Strider with his Man Detection skills, yes, he knows where men are and what they doing, I know it's scary, especially being watched by SULLA  :shok:
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