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  1. Yes and first for me to post or seen posted not much of a fourm person Btw like the meme about the 100th time I've seen it.
  2. I have idea for new arena.you should try a capture the flag arena. With stats of how many flags capped on avatars page or something like that, or rewards for capping so many flags etc. I think this would be awesome addition. Would be fun 2x2,3x3,5x5 just a thought.
  3. Biting nails!!!!! Ready fo dis update Black charmer all mine!!!
  4. Books hell yes lol thank u devs great update and good gifts.
  5. I for one would have to agree about low lvl chars. I am a miracle coin user when I do buy it's usually on sale and buy in mass. I buy enough I need a stash char. that is low lvl. So I don't agree on deleting low lvl chars. There's is a reason I spend as much as I do on this game it's.cause I love it. Thank you AI Grind for this game loads of memories and fun!!!
  6. My first post lol but gotta say this I started a little over a year now we use to get set of chests wht happened here jus curious bring chests back plz lol. I spend my money but who doesnt like free chests. This is on reason I left a mmo I played for 3 years they wanted all your money but nothin in return plz dont go tht way. Thks and love WS but just miss those chests.
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