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  1. I have not AFK farmed anything, nothing has a really bad drop rate, you eventually get it. And I finished my Ankh Shield and PDA already. Now the Biome Keys, that I might AFK farm.
  2. We won't be getting MHX. We will probably get MHX Ultimate a year later, but unless you get JP 3DS, or one on firmware 9.2 or below, you won't get to play normal one. Japanese is not a big problem, it's a game about hunting, not reading.
  3. Monster Hunter 4. I'm planning purchase of It's a Wipe!, and One Way Heroics DLC when it's out.
  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA On another route, will you do a contest or whatever you guys did back when Dailies were announced, where you ask players to come up with achievements? We might have so creative and insane ideas to give everyone extra motivation to keep playing.
  5. PEOPLE, GET! Unless you want us to have one dungeon chest per person, we've got enough.
  6. Why play Minecraft if you can do literally anything else.
  7. Holy shit you might want to check what fascism means before screaming it over and over. By your logic, every single competition with judges/juries is fascist, because someone has right to pick the winner.
  8. I'm just trying to save others from your vile, creepy, and despicable actions we two know as "operation strawberry red". I think they're not ready for details yet to know how to fight you, as they're very mentally damaging, an insight into a psychotic mind can leave permanent scar. So this is the best thing I can do.
  9. Reminder to not respond to Nelson "Insullah" Sulla. He is the main responsible for: • Derailing threads by mentioning completely unrelated matters • Ad hominem insults meant to attract attention to him • Assaulting forum bandwidth by repeatedly reposting images • Stalkings of at least four females from Warspear Online • Mastermind of "operation strawberry red" • AoA winning tourney 40 times in a row • Hostile takeover of EU-Emerald market • Amplification system • Leaking account data in 2011 • Posting developer items in chat • Shutting down megaupload.com • Removal of Rank system • Making Pvprange quit • Successful assassination of Shitzo • Successful assassination of Kuzmitch • Attempted assassination of r0land and snorlax • Deliberate bugging of free miracle coins system • Extreme homophobia • Extreme colorphobia (implied racism?) • Twinking on level 6/10 arena • Overpowered arena season rewards • Attempted assassination of Azebu (ongoing) • Personally overseeing the amendment bill to Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement • Indefinitely delaying music feature • Killing off most characters in Game of Thrones • 6 million accounts created • Long wait times for Symbian clients • Profanity filter His ultimate goal is to kill Warspear. However, you can help to stop him. Spread this message!
  10. You did it champ. First place well deserved. Great job everyone, let it sink in, you were the five who surpassed 180 other people.
  11. It's okay, but next time do some research before making a fool out of yourself. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nocturnality Nocturnality is an animal behavior characterized by activity during the night and sleeping during the day. The common adjective is "nocturnal". Nocturnal creatures generally have highly developed senses of hearing, smell, and specially adapted eyesight. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Nocturne/SkinsTrivia "Nocturne" is a Latin word derived from "nox, noctis" meaning "night" and "nocturnus/a/um" meaning "nightly".
  12. Oh Wow, I was studying for exams and I miss the best threads. I'm honestly not surprised people don't know that "nocturnal" is a word, they are either not native speakers or kids, maybe both. But you Ninja and Panchen? You're just wrong. It's not an owl. IT'S A LOBSTER. Keep doing what you do Vera, you're in the minority of decent people here.
  13. The problem here comes from the fact that people don't bother reading lore, they just look at images, and rate entry based on image alone. Then devs actually bother reading 200 stories, pick the best ones, and drama ensues. By the way, what did you guys think of mine? I was on 6th place I assume?
  14. I honestly don't remember, buy I'm sure it wasn't faction wars. Ask devs directly or bring them here?
  15. I got a new Steam background.
  16. To all memers, my boss looked terrible, and I'm #1 favorite of developers, yet I didn't qualify to finals. So stop crying, if your boss sucked, that's your fault. Drawing is as important as story and game mechanics.
  17. Here are ones I screenshotted, because I didn't bother with most firsts. http://imgur.com/a/POx5d Fun times but never again.
  18. The E3 started, and first event was Nintendo World Championship. Man, what a show it was, some moments were so intense, it was crazy good. Go watch it, at least Mario Kart and Finals, those were the absolute best, and the football game was also really fun looking, with things getting real hype in final match.
  19. Because the smaller payments aren't that efficient for AiGrind because of taxes and stuff. I remember reading somewhere that devs (not just AiGrind but in general) get only 40% of money from SMS payments.
  20. Everything going haywire, I'm back to level 0, but at least the Monster game is pretty fun.
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