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  1. We Want Callie Back! So Ironic you ( AIGrind ) would ban one of your, BEST customers :facepalm:
  2. Once again they implement more stuff to make them money.. Rather than guild and banks they afd in halloween decorations... I'm so tired of the ridiculously slow updates, which contain nothing but more money making features! I played back when MC Shop didn't exist, it was great! I don't know who or where your ideas come from but do the company a favor and fire them! If you listened to the players and balanced the game you would make more money, but you all won't take our advice, until your game dies! Which is inevitable! Inevitable only because your not smart enough to listen to your players!
  3. Hmmm Imo Druid: Heal:Slo, dmg:Mazxyk, Melvain, strawberry ( all upcoming dmg druid) bladedancer: Eridon, Vayron the legends! Ranger: Whoever Gets New Bow, 500 CC Shaman: Sambayno Barbarian: Chronoz,Dragneil Rogue: Sakray
  4. Screw that, make it an optional feature. If anything... no matter how much you sensor there are ways around it
  5. I think some changes should be made, Decrease collection 50% ( its really painful...) Increase the Boss killing quests ( you claim you want more people working together, yet an hour of collection per daily really is counter productive) I've heard rumors of the russian forum having a daily suggestion thread. I think you'd get alot more diversity. These are some personal ideas: Kill granite, genie, kratt, dinalt, maraksha. 15- 25 rep each. Another thing, all towns have 3 daily So every town gets a boss, collection, and monster kill quest everyday. So 10 of 15 quests are done in a group, then 5 collection. Just my 2 cents, ty
  6. I too have noticed some major problems, dodge I not working ... And we need faster hits n slightly higher crits, and why did 2nd patch. Lower rangwr bow. Damage? I should. Not hit as well as a bd... and die from 1/8th of the hits... please. Check out and see for yourself .... Thanks Sapphire-Firstborn
  7. Great job with updates. Here are a couple more things that I and others would appreciate. First off update changed all gear... some good some bad. But it made many haveto buy new gear. And I think if I'm going go by a Daedul Amulet for almost 5k. Than when u change its stats. N make it useless I should. Be able to sell. It for that same price... not 300 gold .... replacing. Gear cost me nearly 10k ... so id like an npc, just. On that will buy my gear for what I paid. Also its been said here before just want to restate it, there are a lot of items lvl 12. So we can't put the better crystals/runes in them. Plz either lower the gears lvl or the items. Its especially hard to find a cape that has useful stats and can be upgraded.
  8. Hell no! Horrible idea! Farm your gear.
  9. Were a new guild, forum is up knightstemplar.freeforums.org please make a post in recruit section to be accepted. we're active boss killers, completing chainless league for anyone in need. Current members: Darthtay Notoriousx LSDoom Rasdale Mortred Druelly and more ready to be recruited... :yahoo:
  10. Darthtay


    I can set you up a free forum in 15 minutes... Lmk you pick domain name, and have limited forum customization, don't experience required... My guild on sapphire uses it, just what we need :)
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