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  1. New costume on aréna point , i have a lot have idea for développements of warspear online If you interresed Aigrind Team Send email on : [email protected]
  2. 3 hours for update lol its joke , Pour les joueurs français donner moi vos nom de personnages serveur est class Merci
  3. Hi Gm ! the game is english but Numerous French player plays has to warspear online his(her,its) would be you that made about things for French player. Ty ( i am a player french )
  4. You do of the geule of the world you serieux, I lost my rogue is all it you know how to make it is to block(surround) him(it)
  5. Please GM !!! Fast I want to play me ! Lol 8)
  6. No forever :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :bad: :bad:
  7. The maintenance lasts more than one hour :bad: :cray:
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