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  1. http://www.perfectworld.com/login download the client now rachel the OBT will start at october 24 ill be at US WEST- CRAWLER server my BERSERKER name is pinoy ;D ive just quit mobile games and saw this great pc game im looking forward to see the rest of FOF there :friends:
  2. guyz is there anyone will try raiderz too this october 24?
  3. guyz i tried playing the stress test of raiderz this weekend and i can say its so awesome can i have a permission to make a FOF there?
  4. http://raiderz.perfectworld.com/news/?p=709551
  5. http://raiderz.perfectworld.com/news/?p=670371 October 24 ;D is the start of OBT
  6. may pa ung post na un pat ;D wag nman sna dec ang tgal eh ano ung link na dinownload mo? dodownload ko na dn sna patch lng pag ok na server hindi bagong clent pra wla ng download
  7. ung realeased pat s dec ung open beta test ang bka late september or early october ;D
  8. aw ano ung link sa topic na un sbi kc ng GM late september or early october gusto ko na mag laro astig ng graphics ska astig ang gameplay
  9. Crawler server tyo pat ha dmi pinoy dun naiinip nko mg open beta late September or early October and start
  10. im looking forward to meet you there ryn i hope the others will give it a try too
  11. http://raiderz.perfectworld.com/ OBT is coming very soon i bought a new desktop computer just for this game and many of my childhood friends will play i hope to see you guyz there and meet my crazy Filipino friends
  12. http://deluxeran.com/ b ka my nag lalaro nyan b alak ko mag donate na lng kesa bmili mcoin ;D
  13. guyz i might quit for a long time i never thought i could play http://deluxeran.com/ its a philippine server all of my childhood friends play it @ shy pde mo dn i try kng gusto mo pde tyo mag donate para mkakuha ng pnaka malakas na gmit 1.5k php i max level na char mo un ang advantage ng donator
  14. in my personal understanding does this island will be like Chainless League.. we need to finish the quest to be able to get new gears and our Chainless league reputation will be 0? Note: its my personal understanding so for god sake just post your personal understanding as well.
  15. Can i post ss too merc? Can i? Can i?
  16. This a proof when someone takes this game seriously
  17. sorry but i disagree with you about warlock being OP as of sulla he really is a skilful player as for me knowing him in the beginning of warspear from enemy to a close friend
  18. Sorry for the off topic does the guild system is on the top of to do list of aigrind ive been playing this game for 1 and a half year just wanna know if it will implement soon
  19. Spend hundreds of dollars in the item shop
  20. Yo guyz has anyone of you check wom now?
  21. Ancient Warhammer = PvE Flaming Warhammer= PvP
  22. Old school forum name All emerald must be female?
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