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  1. Przepraszam polaka którego okradlem z druida i narobilem mu problemow i nerwow z ta kradzieza ale chcialem sie odegrac za kradzieze moich kont mialem 3 konta i juz ich nie mam bo mnie okradli Dramma,ipla.HBO i chce jeszcze raz przeprosc i chce powiedziec ze ja LIranna nie jestem oszustem i zlodziejem.

    Kiedy złodziej sam został okradziony nagle przeprasza swoje ofiary lol :W
  2. The skill is a tad bit op with increase cd period. The damage buff is fine and all but remove the cd block and it gets a bit more manageable.

    To answer sixdog's question once an opponent uses a skill and mental pit is applied the cd gets blocked and doesnt charge up until pit gets over.After the effect it continuous from the same point...the skill doesnt instantly charge up

    u lie...

    if someone cast mental pit on you, yours cds go from this part wchich it was (if it was half of cd time it would still go from half cd) but skills loads slower

  3. My fault then, but could you please tell me since when Elusive Jump only has 5 yards range?

    And yes, my average math grade is C-... It's been nerfed too, it now only adds 20% extra damage.

    you write random things (wchich  most of them are falsehood) to show how rogue is op class and how bd is balanced. I want to say again, that

    we CAN'T COMPARE DMG OF ROGUE TO DMG OF BD (DAMAGE!!! not playing style, or something that u used  to change topic), because bd is TANK, 

    TANK=big hp and huge amount of armor and rogue is ASSASIN, wchich mean he has been borned to kill enemys and deal tons of damage. But now bd

    have better arm than rogues and have higher dmg output (even not mention about other bd skills like counter atack or shield). If tank have better dmg than 

    assasin it isnt right.

    If u reply my post plz dont change topic ;))))

  4. hi, im a bd player. im agrre with you,

    but u should learn more abt bds skill bro.

    • Rush : this skill do some stun by chance! its mean not all time this skill alwasy work!
    • Sonic : this skill do muttiples dmg but the dmg will be reduces dependent how many enemy front of bd
    BD is strong not OP i think. and sorry for bad eng ;D
    lol rush its your "gap closer" it isnt enough?

    you cant compare dmg of rogue to bd, coz rogue is assasin but bd isnt. And why "tanks" can kill most of characters in 1 combo?

  5. I don't care about any other skill, just someone delete that sex link out of the game.

    I'm tired of double killing everyone in arena *z*.

    When the whole pt is about to die, druid press one button and all full wtf

    thats why you need nuke team on arenas vs elfs pt


    Hi bro's, just want to ask you what combination foe bladedancer is good for PvP

    (i will give examples with arena axe, dagger and sword)

    thanks for the help (if u help ofc)...



    1 axe 1 dagger - 331 hit 1.95 sec

    2 BLADES 340 dmg 2sec hit

    1 axe 1 sword - 357 hit 2.1 sec

    2 arena AXE 374 dmg in 2.2 sec.


    normal axe arena 187 hit time 2,2

    normal blade arena 170 hit time 2

    normal dagger arena 144 hit time 1,7

    you are wrong

    u play as bd and you dont know how dual wield looks like? You should calculate like this:

    1.0*dmg of main wpn (wpn in right hand + 0.4*secound wpn

    so you would get diffrent numbers

  7. Elusive threat is good for farming . In pvp its only use is if you run like a pussy like some priest to attempt people to get caught with it and thats Quite pathetic i think but if thats ur style do it

    1 st elusive treat is resisted by bosses

    2nd this is called tactic :D

  8. I wonder what next expert skill i should buy after aura. Im pve priest (quests some pvp and hunt or dg) so what should i choose. I think elusive treat should be good choose (wanna improve my pvp potential) but i want hear your opinions about other priests skills.

  9. I don't know if you noticed it, but bds are easily raped by rogues, rangers and magic classes.

    And you assume that every bd has high-amped gear, which isn't.

    I agree it needs to be toned down, OR the other classes need a HP boost or defense boost.

    what can i said, bd are tanks (have high def)

    but devs gave them huge dmg it can be ok but problem there is their op burst (they aren't assassins)

  10. Guys, please, pay attention:


    Fixes in 4.8.1 version:

    - small map freezes were fixed

    - chat item link is now working correctly and allow to link more than 3 items

    - Arena timer was fixed, it was displayed even if you are outside of Arena

    - in-game music was disabled, clients were unstable


    All game clients on our site are updated, market clients will be available as soon as they're approved.

    infection skill fixed?
  11. zakuty i not crying and no speak here if u want bad words tell me ur elf nick :)

    im mc player lol

    and play shaman and necro

    But want show your attitude. If u can write something like this, haha duck all elfs shamans rocks and month later you write that shaman is noob class coz u can't kill any elf and this class need buffs

    Isn't it cry?

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