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  1. Hello there, I'm a bd from US Sapphire, and it's been level 10 for a long time . And unfortunately because of my last quest at circus I leveled up to 11 . I was hoping if you could help me by undoing my last quest so I go back to level 10. I request you, Please help . Thank you.
  2. Done Rotting Garden Heroic . First on Mc side =).
  3. He'll yeah this problem of connection lost from server suck. But just try again and again. .. The game opens. It's annoying but still can play... Fix the crashing it's the major problem.
  4. Lol sour, you are funny sometimes but most of the time you are so annoying. Have some respect for yourself.
  5. Preist now with new skill. Is deadly than rogues with high amp. I've seen preist kill barb +10 toying him. Rogues die quicker. Unfair OP skills for elf this time.
  6. All the rest is good. But point 3 is not. Non healers die fast. And taking a rogue vs druid. Druid heals and runs. Rogue does more damage than druid... just before rogue dies times up. Rogue still win. I don't think so. Normal pvp is better.
  7. Who is captain hook now? Been busy with ayuda let me know if I missed anything new at iserlnort.
  8. I belive the developers plan on a surprise for MC in future. Just a balance of sides. Rogue was all powerful before. Now its elf turn. Soon mc again. Goes on. Chill just a game!!
  9. This Is an easy quest. Just need 3 good parties. And an easy trick. All my chars done at level 14. No more yellow quest for me.
  10. These quests are annoying. Opened 4 set sign half of them were empty. And rest got somthing else which I don't need. Been farming them all day. All gear broken for 4 set. In the end useless.
  11. Dude... just install warspear latest update on your pc. And try logging in from there.
  12. It's ugly btw.... I feel 200k not worth it.!
  13. That is the main scheme of developers. You buy sign and amp gear to the full, and 2-3 months update comes in with new weapons(weak in enchants but Lil high damage like Endless ). Once all amped their weapons new gear again... This is how GM makes loads of money! While you enjoy the game it doesn't matter.
  14. There are players who got banned before for scamming. But they only do when that person has a history of scamming people. To be frank many people don't feel like playing because of scammers. When you ban them when they start they don't try further.
  15. Developers do nothing except giving suggestions. There was this one scammer who scamed many accounts like selder and he even try scam me but I know how scammers are so I've taken screen shots and posted here. All dev could say was send a ticket. And I even sent that. Been for over a week or two. He still plays game with new scamming technique. Selling costly items very chep. And saying it doesn't work give personal details*z*. Then scam. And all dev just say report. And nothing happens. You might get your account back but scammer is not banned.
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