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  1. I'm not sure if its a bug or something, but in EU-Emerald we only get 4min, 3min, 2 min and 1 min War Notification. Long time ago, we used to get 3h, 1h and 30 min too, has it been changed or is it bugged? @Nolan
  2. adding "Imperials of Greatness" was one of the biggest mistake this game could do. It made arena inactive, everyone could get Greatness eq for literally afking in 5x5/crucible. The suggestion to add armors and accessoires in top rank only, as it used to be, would make arena more interesting.
  3. Around 500k knowledge, when I was close to finish my Talents for the legendary achiev, I could see on the forum that I had 450k knowledge~. I only needed 3-4 more talents to finish it.
  4. this game isnt GTA, bad idea
  5. I believe there is a cap too. I have the book and all talents, yet people are as fast as me. I just want to know if I have a wasted book on my character.
  6. Since a while, I have been questioning myself if there's a underwater speed walking limit. I have asked many people, but no one seemed to know the answer. So.. Is there a Underwater Walking Speed limit?
  7. elfs are good in arena, MCs are better in gvg/group fights.
  8. theres nothing being nerfed. a error was found and will be fixed. Is it so hard to understand?
  9. Ever fought 5 charmers at a raid boss? I doubt. Hunters are fine. against 5 charmes no one stands a chance, until they fixed the issue with minions ignoring defence. Ranger can do the same at war flags with fire arrow.
  10. Is this relic working right or not, it has been 1 week since this topic been created, yet no answer from any dev or admin. @Nolan to repeat what I mean, as the Relic says, charmer dogs are allowed to do a "crit" while they are spawned on the "Fury" effect, yet in my video, 3 dogs been spawned before any Rage was activated and all 3 of them were allowed to crit the whole time. ( not spawned during Fury effect) One answer would be great for this matter. my Video:
  11. Knowledge Guide Collecting Knowledge seems hard for some people, in this guide I'm trying to show you how I have done my Legendary achievement, the easiest way how to finish Knowledge talents, how to get Knowledge the fastest, how much Knowledge you can get in a single day and way more. First of all, What is Knowledge? Knowledge is a ressource you need to level up the Class Talent. Each class is divided into a category, for example, there are 4 Categories. Each Category has their own Special Talents: Damage Dealing -Blade-Dancer, Ranger, Seeker, Mage, Hunter, Rogue, Chieftain & Warlock Tanking -Warden, Barbarian, Paladin & Deathknight Hybrids Templar & Charmer Healing Druid, Shaman, Priest & Necromancer Class Talentes are splitten into 3 different Sections. ( Offensive, Defensive and Auxiliary) Offensive: Defensive Auxiliary Since we spoke about the talents, lets speak about, what you need to do to get Knowledge, how to gain Knowledge & where to get Knowledge. You can get Knowledge from : - Dungeon (900 limit daily) - Dynamics in Underwater Map - Raid Bosses - Quests (900 Limit daily) - Guild Events - Daily Login Awards - Battlepass Dungeons: You can get Knowledge from dungeons. The higher the difficulty of the dg, the more Knowledge you get. In my opinion the easiest and fastest way to get Knowledge in dg is Easy Tree. The Dungeon is located at Marakosh(t3). The dg takes 2 minutes solo as damager, in a party of 3 people, it takes less than 90 seconds to finish this dg. 8 runs needed to finish the daily limit of Knowledge in Easy tree. That way, it will only take you around 10mins to finish the daily dg. - Easy 120 Knowledge each run. - Normal 135 Knowledge each run. - Hard 150 Knowledge each run. - Heroic 165 Knowledge each run. - Mythical 180 Knowledge each run. Dynamics in Underwater map: There are 6 dynamics daily, every single one of them gives Knowledge. The upper ones are easier than the down ones. You are only able to do them if they are activated. How to activate them? How to finish the dynamics? Dynamics 1-4 has no cooldown to activate. Dynamic 5-6 do have a cooldown of 3h. Once it's activated, you got 90 minutes to finish the dynamic. You can receive 450 Knowledge daily from Dynamic. - 1. Blowfish Monster. Reward 75 Knowledge - Kill 6 Elite Mobs at the upper part to activate this dynamic. - Kill 20 Horros of the Deep. - Kill Blowfish Melanodon. - 2. Infamy of the White Sharks. Reward 75 Knowledge - Kill 5 Pirate Baits to activate this Dynamic. - Kill 15 Pirates - Kill Captain Thomas the White Shark. (300k Boss) - 3. Will of the Swashbuckler of the deep. Reward 75 Knowledge - Kill 12 Sea Baits in down part of Underwater Section to activate this Dynamic. - Kill 15 Gladiators - Kill Arsinus the Swachbuckler of the Deep. - 4. Oath of the Crimson Waters . Reward 75 Knowledge. - Kill 10 Elite mobs in bottom row to activate this Dynamic. - Kill 20 Crused Octopus. - Kill Mytion Purplewater. - 5. Airless Frigate. Reward: 75 Knowledge. - Kill the Diver in the location to activate the event. - Kill 10 Coral Nauplius. - Collect Cage with small fish at the barrels near the mobs. - Place the bait. - Enter the Lower Deck, Touch the shark and swim to the Ruby. - 6. Merchant's Treasures. Reward 75 Knowledge - Kill the Diver in the location to activate the event. - Kill 10 Creepy Ampullaria. - Kill Crustacean Mutant - Collect Faceless’ Amulet, Eastern Coin and Golden Turban. (Down left, up right and up left.) Raid Bosses: This is the hardest thing to keep track on. Every Raid Boss gives Knowledge. The Raid Bosses die pretty fast, so you have to be prepared to get to them in time. You don't have to attack the raid boss or do anything. You'll receive Knowledge just by standing there. Max Knowledge you can get from Ayvondil Raid Bosses are 400 daily. The Black Elm - Located at Marakosh/Anzu-iri (T3) - You will receive 100 Knowledge after it's dead. Engineer - Located at Pelion/Tom-Lugu (T4) - You will receive 100 Knowledge after it's dead. Captain Giant Octopus - Located at the Underwater Map, up from Doom Island. - You will receive 100 Knowledge after it's dead. Orcinus - Located at the Underwater Map, up from Lonely Island. - You will receive 100 Knowledge after it's dead. Event Raids - There are usually Event raids at Horror, Snow and Spring Event. - Each of them usually gives 60 Knowledge. Quests: Quests are the one of the easiest thing to get Knowledge from. Each town in Ayvondil gives different amount of Knowledge. The harder the town, the more Knowledge you get. For me, as mcoin user, the fastest way I finished quests was. Get Quest at Marakosh, (T3) Take the collecting quests and buy the items from the Miracle coins shop, after you've done that.. you only need to finish 5 more quests to gain the max Knowledge after that. Easiest way to finish Knowledge.. Finish Pelion (t4) quest. Kronus's Labyrinth/ Astral Labyrinth - 60 Knowledge each Quest Norlant Swamps - 60 Knowledge each Quest Maliat (T1) - 60 Knowledge each Quest Tlaskoe (T2) - 60 Knowledge each Quest Marakosh/Anzu-Iri (T3) - 70 Knowledge each Quest Pelion/Tom-Lugu (T4) - 70 Knowledge each Quest Albatross Harbor/Thunderbird Port (T5) - 80 Knowledge each Quest Guild Events To be able to get Knowledge from Guild Events, you should try to join a higher level guild, the chances to get the max Knowledge daily is very high there. Being in a lower level guild, would make it more difficult to gain Knowledge, since higher level ones are more active. My guild has finished this event daily, So I was able to get 1400 Knowledge daily just from Events. (2x Music of Magic, Wild Hunt) 4 GP Events daily. How to do them? Wild Hunt - 12 Hours Cooldown, can be done twice a day. - You will receive 100 Knowledge after the event was completed, (200 Knowledge max a day) - Find Rottung in Castle's and kill it. Music of Magic - 12 Hours cooldown, can be done twice a day. - You will receive 100 Knowledge after the event was completed. (200 Knowledge max a day) - Kill Nocturna Filth's Dungeons (Maliat t1 Event) - 16 Hours cooldown, can be done twice a day. - You will receive 100 Knowledge in the first stage, 150 Knowledge in second stage. - Creatures of the Gray Hollows (First Stage): Kill Hornets/Cavers - Satraps Lair (Second Stage): Kill 8 Satraps (300k Bosses) - Max Knowledge each Event: 250 Knowledge Lord of the Depths (Tlaskoe T2 Event) - 16 Hours cooldown, can be done twice a day. - You will receive 100 Knowledge in the first stage, 150 Knowledge in the second stage. - Cave Predators (First Stage): Kill Ayotls and 2 Chupacabras. - Pontifices Abode (Second Stage): kill 8 Pontifices (300k bosses). - Max Knowledge: 250 Knowledge (500 if done twice a day) Grove of Black Elm (T3 Marakosh Event) - 16 Hours cooldown, can be done twice a day. - You will receive 100 Knowledge in the first stage, 150 Knowledge in the second stage. - Dangerous Plants (First Stage): Kill Faiding Flowers/Malefibloom - Putrid Lands (Second Stage): kill Mistress of the Swarm, Rotten-Bud Ashud, Five-mouthed Goose and Moon-Maned Shandon - Max Knowledge: 250 Knowledge (500 if done twice a day) Rusty Wastelands (T4 Pelion Event) - 16 Hours Cooldown, can be done twice a day. - You will receive 100 Knowledge in the first stage, 150 Knowledge in the second stage. - First stage: Kill 6-8 Baits. You don't need to kill different baits, even killing the same bait, will finish the Stage. - Second Stage: Kill 200k Bosses(Steam & Horse) and Petriks. - Max Knowledge: 250 Knowledge (500 if done twice a day) Special Event During the Spring Event, you can receive Knowledge from Magister Avaris(NPC). You must gain spring reputation to be able to buy Knowledge. You will receive 250 Knowledge for 400 Spring Reputation. Daily Log in Rewards: This Feature is pretty new. You have to log into the game to claim the awards daily. In 20 days, you can get 2000 Knowledge. Day 3: - 500 Knowledge Day 8: -500 Knowledge Day 13: -500 Knowledge Day 18: -500 Knowledge Battlepass In the Battlepass, you get the most Knowledge at once, you will get around 9500 Knowledge from the Battlepass if you buy it, if you don't buy the Battlepass, you will only get 4500 Knowledge. After reaching 850 Points in the Battlepass, you are able to receive a Knowledge buff "Great Knowledge" which increases your gained Knowledge by 20%. In my Opinion, the "Great Knowledge" buff is very needed. You should try to get it shortly. However, the maximum Knowledge you can get in a day is 5050 Knowledge without the Battlepass buff. You need around 500k Knowledge to finish all talents. However, to finish talents in a fast and not stressful way, you should find a very active guild. If you want try to finish Knowledge talents on your own, it will take way longer to finish. Thanks for your attention, I hope this will help some people. Jaan, Eu-Emerald
  12. Well most likely the problem is that charmers skill ”call” is different in mechanic than any other skill that uses this relic. Call can be used whenever to spawn dogs and the exact moment rage is activated they start critting with 100% chance where other classes need to use skill with this relic when rage is already in effect to get the relic working which is how its supposed to work. Charmers are fine as they are just the relic needs adjustment nobody in their right mind would think that giving any class a relic to practically double their damage output is reasonable.
  13. Every other class must have rage on. Charmers can spawn their 3 dogs already without rage on. ( all 3 start critting once rage activates.) As the description says. Dogs should only crit if the dog was spawned DURING RAGE effect. This is the issue.
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