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  1. do is a chance to get back perm ban acc?
  2. how about dung.... 2weeks i spamm got only pot:D i think is bad not beeen used mcoin:D. next day i buyed some mcoin in first run i got item event like i see is for mcoin user most no use mcoin no drop:D. JUST FOR TEST BUYED MCOIN.How about players who not use mcoin? how u think?
  3. necrodemo


    i farm jail bosses wenn event starts all days i waste much repairs sometimes 0 sometimes copee or other but no siut why. other ppl come maked 1kill and got . i not understand somting do my acc have 0% chance? 1day farmed got nothing second some coper or catalyst next day qlmost 0 anf today just 1coper lol answer if could.
  4. server not gona up today:D GM first time maked 2events same time and ws got crashed:D
  5. gm fall sleep today u cant enter tommorow fix will be finished
  6. necrodemo


    maybe but this event is not aleays ewry years?
  7. necrodemo


    wenn it raise after contest ?
  8. try wartune i myself play in wartune ariea games
  9. lol same again do is real or not
  10. necrodemo


    i wanna ask do is comming new arena weps or still will stay lvl19 answer if could.
  11. do is good back how looks around?
  12. how looks from back just need legs tried colors use not know witch use
  13. cant stop painting so like me now
  14. my boss is evil the came from devil.Devil send him to take souls from warspears people with that souls the can summon a powerfull guard witch can control all world warspears withou enter to the world the can stay in the hell and control ur brains and too stop him impossible if the summon. And u should wait wenn the wake up to stop bearworm get ready for battle!!! boss health:1,8mill skills:Roots shoots from right hand to ground all gets roots for 15sec.summon 2 bears from left hand bears health 20k only summon wenn u take boss health 500k.Poison shoots from mouth and deals demage.Word power steals mana 50 use wenn u deal to boss 100k+dmg.Fear use to all player wenn demage deal to boss 50k+. passive skills: increase magic defence and physical defence wenn u take boss health ewry time 200k. Boss demage: physical demage 400+ normaly withou armors magic demage 300+ only wenn use skill magic poison boss location: update later legs update later PLEASE COMMENTS THANKS
  15. do us need creat siut how it looks?
  16. necrodemo


    lol waiting 10mins 1 demand only can get and 5x5 noone demanding
  17. necrodemo


    new sistem arena is bad waste pots no and low demands previous been better
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