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  1. ok, we've got a little problem here, don't panic :)

    We'll fix it right now, visually it will be fixed in the next client. It was a mistake, not intention, sorry.



    Thanks Roland. Sorry about the "nervousness".. 

    I'm glad u're give me a fast reply. 

    I'll wait that, because My char will be arena, and these attributes are not good for me. Please if possible, make a hint in dev's to make that change fast, cuz have a lot of people angry like me :)

  2. Why change the attributes of the items without asking whether we want to or not ???? And now, the money spent to amplify my staff I got to use with critical / cooldown / accuracy is now penetrative / cooldown / accuracy ??? I want my staff with critical again !!!!!!!!!! Who will repay the money spent leveling the staff with critical ?? I do not want staff with penetration! A company may change the product without consulting the customer? or warn about the change? If I knew the SD staff would change attributes will short term, I would have not used it much less spent real money to level up! I want my staff right back!




    They will fix it as soon as possible. Try to read some forum topics before posting such things.



    Ok, I'm a patient person, but the last update still for 17 days and this "thing" remains wrong... This "thing" that we talking about its a SKILL man, and for me, a skill is very important for a class, and consequently affect a lot players and the game in general. It is not cool to play with a class that has a virtually "useless" skill, do not you think? Please, I really hope this bug will be fixed ASAP.  :nea:

  4. I still dont understand whats the difference between how it was and how it will be  :wacko:



    Bro, if u're start a arena demand WITHOUT party, When u drop at arena map, u'll be put in a "automatic" party with your partner, or partners.

    When the fight is over, u'll back without party again.. Sounds like a "team pvp group", not a party instead.





    Its correct R0land?  :(

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