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  1. roland pls make 'premium/reguler play' in elv side. They are over populated cause developer always give avantage for them(skills,quests,usefull tank).in future mc's just like alive mobs without dev attention.
  2. Dear GM .Ur dream about the Great fantastic Amazing Ayvondil never cm true...so lets sleeping together with me to cooling down our brain.tired,waiting your respone.
  3. Please give back my warlock.he lost when i entering any shop in ayvondil. Thousand time i login,game always crashed. I dont know what wrong with him.my warlock is inoncent :facepalm:
  4. hi gm,we need [anti-lag scrool] and [anti-failedconection potion] no more.
  5. me playing both,but with symbian is more fun .easy handling,battery n multitask.
  6. too many bug !!!?.game crashhhhhhhhhhhhhh . This version just Chating only i can do :facepalm:
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